Durex Pack Toys Intense

4 sex toys

Durex Pack Toys Intense
Durex Pack Toys Intense - 4 sex toys

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1 Pure Fantasy + 1 Little Devil + 1 Delight + 1 Vibrations

The Durex pack with all the sex toys of the "Intense" range to vary the pleasures according to your desires.
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Presentation of Durex Pack Toys Intense

The Durex pack with all the sex toys of the "Intense" range to vary the pleasures according to your desires.

The pack contains:

Durex Intense Pure Fantasy , vibrator
This discreet but powerful vibrator is equipped with a speed variator which will allow you to adapt the vibrations to your desires of the moment. Its attractive tapered shape makes it easy to use and as Durex Intense Pure Fantasy is silent, nothing can disturb your trip to the heart of sensuality. Presented in its elegant box, this vibrator knows how to be discreet ...

Durex Intense Little Devil , ring with vibrating horns
Durex Little Devil will help you share feelings of intense pleasure. Its new vibrating head has been designed for intense stimulation of the clitoris which is added to that generated by the vibrations of the ring itself: These horns will give you intense and targeted stimulation of the clitoris.

Durex Intense Delight , mini vibrator
Silent, its engine delivers ideal vibrations to stimulate the clitoris with mischief. Its material is ultra-soft and smooth for your pleasure.

Durex Intense Vibrations , vibrating ring
Thanks to the Durex ring, sensual vibrations spread between the two partners, thus increasing the pleasure of women and men.

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  • What is a vibrating ring?

    Vibrating rings

    Vibrate at 8000 beats per minute with the sexy invention of the year 2006: vibrating rings! Shared pleasure for her and him. And in addition you can use them without problem with a condom.


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