How can I pay for my order?

You can proceed to the payment of your order by the following means:

  • Bank card (CB, Visa, Mastercard)
  • Paypal
  • Bank transfer
  • Check

We do not accept cash on delivery.

Why donít you accept cash on delivery?

Cash on delivery is an expensive payment solution for you and insecure for us.
The additional cost for you is around 20% of the total package price. And in case of absence or refusal of the package, it is returned to us at our expense.
We invite you to try one of our many other completely secure payment methods.

What label will appear on my bank statement?

For maximum discretion, all payments made on our site are credited to the name of our company MB LAB. It is therefore a debit card in the name of MB LAB which will appear on your bank statements. In the case of payment by Paypal, a debit in the name of Paypal will appear on your statement.

Les envois sont-ils discrets ?

All our packages are shipped in totally opaque envelopes or discreet boxes, with our company MB LAB as the sender. Only the person who opens the package is aware of its contents.

How long will it take to receive my order?

If you order before 2 p.m., your package will be dispatched the next working day (Monday to Friday) before noon. Then add the delivery time of each carrier (in working days), depending on your delivery location.

Please see our information on delivery times by carrier and by destination by following this link.

In the case of payment by bank transfer or bank check, your order will only be sent to you upon receipt of payment.

How do I know where my package is going?

All of our packages sent via So Colissimo, Colissimo Suivi, Colissimo International, Chronopost or Chronopost International have a tracking number allowing you to precisely track their delivery.

You can follow the status of your package by going to "Your account->Orders" and clicking on the "Shipped" button..

Why is my package indicated as delivered when I have not received anything?

If your package is marked as delivered and you have not yet received anything, check with your neighbors or your caretaker if they have not received a package in your name.

If this is not the case and you have chosen a Standard or Express shipment, contact the Post Office closest to you, it often happens that the postman does not leave a transit advice note, in this case an identity document is sufficient to collect your package directly from your post office.

If you have chosen delivery at a pickup station, contact the pickup station to find out if your package is not already there.

My package is indicated as returned, what should I do to receive it?

If your package is marked as returned, please contact our Customer Support to request re-shipment.
If your package has been returned due to an error on your part (address wrong, you did not pick up your package on time), we will be obliged to charge you the costs for the reshipment.

One of the products received is defective, what should I do??

If the product you received seems to be defective (leak, expiration date exceeded, ...), please contact our Customer Support who will study the problem with you and possibly suggest a return.

For all products using batteries, first of all, try it with new batteries, batteries must be placed in the direction indicated on the manual.

A product is missing in my order, what should I do?

If all the products you have ordered are not in your package, please contact our Customer Support.
It may be an error on our part, or your order may have been shipped twice due to the unavailability of one of the items.

Do you have a store in Paris or elsewhere?

Our store currently exists only on the Internet . We believe that this is the best way to let you choose from a large selection of products in complete peace of mind and in complete confidentiality.

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