To begin :

  • Your budget: 
  • Allergic to latex?  Yes  No
  • Your favorite brand: 

What do you want to use:

  •  Vaginal
  •  Anal
  •  Blow job

Most essential:

  •  Effect hot / cold
  •  Retardant
  •  Mix to test

Size of your penis:

  • Length:  cm
  • Diameter:  cm

How to know my size?

The most important to you:

  •  Comfort
  •  Fineness
  •  Sensations

Size of the box:

  •  x3 / x4 (pocket)
  •  x12 / x24 (box)
  •  x100 / x144

How to choose a condom?

Not easy to choose the right condom for the first time: what size ? What material ? what brand ? what price ? Everything is important to protect yourself and make you happy with your partner.

First criterion to take into account: are you (or your partner) allergic to latex? If yes, then no choice to avoid itching and redness on the private parts, it is necessary choose a latex-free condom: made of polyisoprene, polyurethane or nitrile, manufacturers now offer soft and pleasant synthetic materials to replace latex.

Then to ensure your safety, you must find the right size model : too small it will squeeze hard (not very pleasant or even downright loose), too large it can slip. How to know its size? Simply by measuring your penis: measure the diameter or circumference with a tape measure, following our guide condom size

Next, the question of the brand: to get an idea, take a look at each condom test of Condomz customers, the big brands ( Manix, Skyn, Durex, Intimy ) offer very good models, a little more expensive. Other less well-known brands that we looked for all over Europe are also very good: Mysize, Pasanté, Control. One thing is certain: all condoms sold on Condomz comply with the CE standard, which guarantees that they are tested and reliable.

Finally, the price: the price is important, that’s why on Condomz we offer condoms at all prices , from 15 cents per unit to almost 1.50 € (10x more anyway!). And they’re all just as tough regardless of the price. Afterwards, the big brands have pretty packaging, a good smell, are sometimes thinner, or covered with grooves. Read customer reviews to get an idea of ??the best value for money.

What is the best condom?

It’s hard to choose the best condom: there are plenty of criteria that come into play, and depending on your allergies, the size of your penis, the sensitivity of your partner or your budget, the best condom will not be the same for everyone.

But as we like to get wet at Condomz, the team made a top 10 in best condom to help you make your choice.

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