The female condom

The female condom

The choice of 100% feminine protection

Because today condoms also exist for women, make the choice of safe and effective protection, without giving up pleasure. Female Fémidom condoms have been CE-certified since 1998 and have been used since then by a growing number of women.

As effective as a male condom, the female condom protects against STDs and is also a more than 99% reliable method of contraception. It also offers a major advantage: it allows all women and in all situations to take no risk. The female condom offers a solution to possible male reluctance (which unfortunately still exist).

All the benefits of the female condom

The female condom has many advantages for the woman or the couple who choose to use it:

? It can be put well before the report, even before the preliminaries, no cut to put the condom, the female condom is both spontaneity and protection!

? After ejaculation, your partner does not have to leave immediately. He can stay in you to make the most of the moment.

? Made of polyurethane, it is stronger than a male latex condom, more likely to tear. And it is also thinner for more sensations between the 2 bodies.

? Latex-free, no risk of allergies. Excellent news for the 10% of allergy sufferers!

? Its implementation, which can be tricky the first time is finally very simple once the gesture has been mastered. An illustrated notice is provided with each Femidom.

Manual of implementation of the female condom

The female condom can be placed at any time before penetration (before the report itself or just before penetration). Put yourself in a comfortable position: lying, sitting, or standing with one foot on a chair. Open Femidom’s individual pouch and take out the condom with care, especially if you wear jewelry.

Make sure the inner ring is at the bottom of the condom. Hold Femidom by this ring by pressing it between the shoot and the index finger. Without releasing it, insert the ring into the vagina and push it as far as possible. Then place the index finger inside the condom and push it to the bottom of the vagina pushing on the inner ring.

When Femidom is in place, the outer ring should be outside the vagina. It is imperceptible because it is pressed against the skin. During the report, make sure your partner’s penis enters the condom properly. It is important to guide the penis during penetration so that it fits into the sheath of the female condom and not between the condom and the vaginal wall, while the other hand holds the outer ring in place. It is normal that the Femidom moves slightly following the movements of the vagina, you are still protected.

It is recommended the first time to try alone, in order to master the establishment of the Femidom before any report.

Tips and precautions for use

Even if it is already very well lubricated during its manufacture, do not hesitate to add lubricant to facilitate the setting up, especially the first times. The pose will be even easier. During the report, you can also use lubricant, water-based or silicone-based.

The female condom is for single use. Femidom female condoms are not recommended for anal penetration. Indeed, no specific test has been made at present for anal penetration, so it has not been proven that female condoms protect against STDs during this practice. It remains best to use a male condom to practice sodomy.

They tried and they liked

Our customers have tried and they loved.

? Maïlys, FEMIDOM : I like life at 100 per hour, the party and especially the pleasures. But I am allergic to latex and that often meant for me to deprive myself of end of evening appetizing. Since I use Femidom, I can enjoy the maximum, I know that whatever happens I always have something to protect me! In addition, it can be put well before a report, which makes things even easier ...

? Maurice, FEMIDOM : As a male partner, I definitely prefer the use of this condom: the sensations are more natural and fulfilling, I feel liberated: finished the laborious pose (and nail scratches!) With condoms often too tight, then the feeling of being muzzled and strangled in a slimming corset!

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