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ID Juicy Lube

ID Juicy Lube lubricant 10 flavors

Fruity and tasty lubricants in 7 flavors to taste.

Pump bottle 108g

€ 10.32 € 12.90

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Pjur Woman

Female intimate gel Pjur Woman

A lubricant specially designed for sensitive skin of women.

Lubricant 100ml

€ 14.90

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Durex Play Massage 2en1

Durex Play Massage Oil with Aloe Vera

A tube 2 in 1 massage oil and intimate gel Durex signed!


€ 8.69

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Shunga Toko Aroma

Shunga Toko Aroma scented lubricant

The taste in 6 delicious fruity flavors!

165ml tube

€ 12.90

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Durex Play Tingling

Durex Play Tingling shivering lubricating gel

A refreshing gel that chills effect multiplies the sensations.

50ml Diffuser

€ 6.99

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Eros Tightening Cream

Eros vaginal tightening cream

€ 11.13 € 15.90

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Eros Ginseng Waterbased

Eros ginseng lubricant

€ 6.23 € 8.90

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Just Glide Strawberry

Just Glide Strawberry Lubricant

strawberry flavor freezing, hungry, licking.

Tube 50 / 200ml

€ 3.92 € 4.90

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Intt Excitation Ginseng

Intt clitoral ginseng gel

Exciting feminine gel made from Amazonian ginseng

15ml pump bottle

€ 12.53 € 17.90

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Pjur Man Steel

Pjur Steel erection booster gel

Gel intense stimulus to paprika extract.

50ml tube

€ 10.43 € 14.90

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Latest News

Durex Cherry

Durex Cherry naughty cherry gel

A very nasty gel Durex flavored with cherry.

100ml pump bottle

€ 10.99

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Durex Strawberry

Durex Strawberry naughty strawberry gel

A rogue lubricant and fruity for gourmet foreplay!


€ 10.99

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Durex Tingling

Durex Tingling shivering lubricating gel

A refreshing gel that chills effect multiplies the sensations.

100ml Diffuser

€ 10.99

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Manix Effect

Manix Effect heating gel

It’s time to heat the reports!

Diffuser 80ml

€ 7.99

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Skyn Oriental Touch

Skyn Oriental Touch 2-in-1 Massage Gel

The 1st 2-in-1 massage gel in the Skyn range

200ml tube

€ 7.99

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