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All our lubricant gels are compatible with condoms, except those based on oil and powder. Based on water or silicone, your choice will be based on the desired lubricity: silicone-based gels are 5 times more lubricant than those based on water. For intimate dryness, choose a mild gel enriched with moisturizing agent (Aloe Vera). For anal penetration, choose a high lubrication gel with a thicker texture that is easier to use. In recent years, manufacturers have offered gels sensation: hot effect or cold effect, flavored for oral sex, delaying premature ejaculation, exciting to multiply female orgasms. Try them!

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Lubrix Gel

Lubrix lubricating gel

Recommended by Dr. Jacques Waynberg, a high quality lubricant.

Lubricating gel 50 / 100 / 200ml

€ 4.50

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JoyDivision BIOglide

JoyDivision BIOglide organic lubricant

The first lubricant formulated with 100% natural products.

Lubricant 40 / 150 / 500ml

€ 4.90

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JoyDivision man’s BEST

JoyDivision man's BEST male lubricant

The ideal gel situations requiring significant lubrication ...

Anal 40 / 150ml Lubricant

€ 4.90

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Pjur Backdoor Glide

Pjur Backdoor anal lubricant

The relaxing based lubricant jojoba.

Anal lube 100ml

€ 17.90

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Smile Gel à base d’eau

Smile water-based gel

A lubricant based simple and effective water bottle of one liter.

1L bottle

€ 19.90

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Intimy Fleur de Coton

Cotton Flower Intimy Gel

A lubricant to the cotton flower.

Intimate Gel 70ml

€ 5.59 € 6.99

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Intimy Gel Lubrifiant Intime Naturel

Natural intimate gel with Aloe Vera Intimy

99.63% of ingredient of natural origin

150ml diffuser

€ 11.99 € 14.99

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Hot Bio Sensitive

Hot sensitive skin lubricant

Bio and Vegan, a pleasant and powerful lubricant.

Tube 100ml

€ 13.52 € 16.90

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EXS Sterile Lubricant

EXS sterile lubricant

Sterile water-soluble jelly

42g tube

€ 2.32 € 2.90

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JoyDivision EasyANAL Starter Set

Easyanal sodomy starter kit

The stater kit of anal penetrations

Tube 80ml + Spray 30ml + booklet

€ 15.92 € 19.90

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Latest News

Durex Eternal Connection

Durex Eternal Connection

Long-term, single-dose lubrication

10 pods of 5ml

€ 9.99

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Durex Warming

Durex Warming

A heating gel bottle playful and powerful.

50/100ml Diffuser

€ 6.99

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Durex Cherry

Durex Cherry naughty cherry gel

A very nasty gel Durex flavored with cherry.

50/100ml pump bottle

€ 6.49

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Durex Strawberry

Durex Strawberry naughty strawberry gel

A rogue lubricant and fruity for gourmet foreplay!


€ 6.49

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Durex Tingling

Durex Tingling shivering lubricating gel

A refreshing gel that chills effect multiplies the sensations.

50/100ml Diffuser

€ 6.99

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  • How to choose your lubricant gel?

    How to choose your lubricant gel?

    The use of intimate lubricant gel has become more and more common and for good reason, there are all kinds: scented lubricants, heaters, silicone-based? It all depends on the budget and the use!

  • How to use a lubricating gel?

    How to use a lubricating gel?

    Does your female partner suffer from vaginal dryness and sexual intercourse? Do you want to try anal penetration, smoothly and painlessly? You’re a super-tough partner, and natural vaginal lubrication is not enough? There are plenty of sexual situations for which the use of a good lubricating gel brings a real comfort and an additional pleasure.

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