How to choose a condom ?

How to choose a condom ?

Condom: STI prevention and contraception

Condom, condom or condom, whatever its name, the condom is the only means of protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and in particular the AIDS virus (HIV). Faced with the resurgence of diseases such as syphilis or gonococcal disease in France, it is important to wear a condom when having sex with a partner you are not sure of (take the test before you stop protecting yourself!).

The condom is also a means of contraception, to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Conversely, the contraceptive pill does not protect against HIV or other STDs. So to have peace of mind and take maximum pleasure, use a condom during each intercourse with penetration. It is also recommended to use a male condom during each oral-genital intercourse (fellatio), transmission of STIs like herpes is frequent.
Attention, the condom is not 100% effective because it can in particular tear or slip. So follow the advice below for maximum protection. When properly used, the condom is 98% reliable, misused its reliability drops to 85%.

How to know my condom size

In condoms, everything is a question of size but above all of width: too wide the condom could slip on your penis and withdraw during the act (more protection), too tight it will hurt you and leave an ugly mark on your penis ! If like 80% of French people, your erect penis has a diameter between 4cm and 5.5cm, no problem you can use the majority of condoms on the market, otherwise you will have to do with the few small or large models that exist (do not don’t worry, on Condomz we have the biggest choice in the world!).

The first thing to do before choosing a condom (on Condomz, in pharmacies or in supermarkets), is to measure the size of your penis, and see what size of condom it corresponds to. For this, Condomz has created a Penismeter to measure your penis to the nearest millimeter and a super practical page to find the corresponding condom size: Guide to condom sizes .

Contrary to what one might think, the length of the condom is rarely a problem. If your penis is rather short, then cover it completely and leave the rest of the condom unrolled. If it is longer than the average (up to 22 / 23cm), unroll it completely, the latex being an extensible material it will completely cover your penis. Beyond 23cm, however, we can do nothing more for you: there remains the solution of the female condom!

Choosing the right condom

Among the more than 300 models of condoms sold on Condomz, it’s not easy to navigate. Finesse, size, color, texture, taste, there are condoms of all kinds and there is necessarily one that is made for you! Below, we have classified condoms by categories, you choose according to your desires or your possibilities: small budgets if you are fair financially, comfort if you prefer to be comfortable in your condom, sensations if you want to make your partner climb the curtains, safety for sodomy or latex allergies.

Before buying a condom, it is important to check that it carries the CE or NF mark: this indicates that it has undergone regular checks and that it meets very strict standards: dimensions, volume, pressure at bursting, tensile strength, absence of perforation, color stability. No problem on Condomz, all condoms sold here meet these standards.


Transparent, odorless, standard condoms are basic condoms among the cheapest on the market. By definition, they are made of medium size latex and lubricated. Their nominal width is between 52mm and 54mm. The cheapest ones cost from 15 to 20 cents, and are just as effective as the others, in less well-known brands, or on the Condomz brand, sold in boxes of 100.

Small size

For penises smaller than the average (in width), it is important to use a condom which tightens well and which does not slip during the act. A small condom with a nominal width of 49 or 50mm. They are sometimes shorter than the others, but not necessarily. For shorter penises, just do not unroll it to the end.

Big size

Condoms for those that nature has better endowed, which start from 56mm nominal width, up to 69mm (for a penis diameter of 5cm anyway!). They will also be easier to put on and less likely to tear. Mysize adapts to all penis sizes.


More shapely at the end, the condom tightens the glans less for more comfort and pleasure. Intimy Classic is an anatomical condom in addition to having all the qualities of the basic condom.

Female condom

To take control of your contraception without waiting for the approval of Jules, the female condom is the ideal solution. In addition, it can be placed long before intercourse and does not require immediate withdrawal after ejaculation. To try !

Grooved and beaded

The surface of the condom is covered with small ribs or small spikes (pearls) to stimulate the partner and give maximum sensations.

Scented and colorful

Because the color is more trendy, do not hesitate to put on colored condoms: black, pink, green, blue, yellow ... Perfumed condoms (strawberry, chocolate, mint, cherry, ...) are perfect for oral sex.

Delaying ejaculation

Slightly coated with local anesthetic (benzocaine) or in a specific form, these condoms delay ejaculation for about twenty minutes (depends on the person). The gel is inside the tank, no risk of anesthetizing the partner! And in addition it is discreet.

Latex allergy

Because you can be allergic to latex but not to sex, there are certain condoms WITHOUT latex: polyisoprene or sensoprene condoms. As resistant as latex condoms, they differ from the latter only by their finesse and thus allow more sensations to pass.

Very resistant

Very strong condoms are basic condoms but a little thicker than normal condoms. This almost imperceptible thickness since it is played to the tenth of a millimeter more, will allow you reports in peace. (Especially recommended for anal penetration).

The 10 commandments of condoms

  1. A condom conforming to the European standard EN 600 and bearing the CE label, you will use. For a pledge of additional quality, you will prefer a condom also compliant with the NF Mark (French standard).
  2. Your condoms in their original individual packaging, always, you will keep.
  3. In a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, your condoms will be stored.
  4. The instructions on the instructions for use (opening, installation, removal) of the condom, carefully, you will read.
  5. Never use a condom whose expiration date has passed, you will not use.
  6. An installation with broken nails or rings you will avoid so as not to deteriorate the latex.
  7. Never put two condoms on top of each other: rubbing the two reduces the resistance of the latex and increases the risk of breakage.
  8. If during the installation, the condom does not unwind correctly or is put upside down, you will change it.
  9. In order to be sure of the compatibility of condoms with prescribed or over-the-counter remedies, intended to be applied to the penis or inside the vagina, your doctor or pharmacist will consult you because they can damage the condom.
  10. Always use a gel or lubricant based on water or silicone based: the other products, notably petroleum jelly, fatty substances or antiseptics are not compatible with the latex of the condom.

How to put on a male condom?

If you have never used a condom, to be on top the first time, practice opening it and then unrolling it on a banana or a sextoy: after a few tests you will be an expert and you will be able to focus on the pleasure from your partner rather than the delicate moment of putting the condom on. The male condom must be put in place when the penis is erect, before any contact between the penis and your partner’s body.
  1. Carefully open the individual package to avoid damaging the male condom. Always check that the part to be unrolled is outside.
  2. Pinch the end of the reservoir to expel the air (excess air trapped in the condom can cause it to tear).
  3. Place the male condom on the erect penis before any penetration and unroll it while maintaining the reservoir. Squeeze the tip of the male condom between your thumb and forefinger to expel the air. Always squeezing the tip of the condom, use the other hand to unroll it along the penis.
  4. Remove immediately after ejaculation, keeping the male condom at the base of the penis. Wait until you have completely withdrawn before removing the condom. Avoid contact of the penis and condom with the partner’s body.
  5. Throw the used hood in a trash can (and not in the toilet), after knotting it and wrapped in paper. Use a male condom only once, even on successive intercourse.

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