How reliable is the condom?

How reliable is the condom?

The effectiveness rate of the male condom is 98% and 95% for a female condom, if they are well used, otherwise these rates can go down to 15%. But does the condom protect you from everything? Yes, it is the only protection against all sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and is one of the best ways to prevent any risk of pregnancy.

How to use a male condom: instructions for use

It is important to put the condom at the beginning of each sexual intercourse, because this latex sheath, sometimes made of polyurethane for allergy sufferers, helps retain sperm. Also, think of having at your fingertips not to interrupt the spontaneity of the moment!

You have to put the condom on the erect penis before penetration, and on the right side! For this, pinch the end of the condom, place it on the end of the sex and then unroll it. To help you, do not hesitate to use water-based lubricating gel. You can also use it during the report to facilitate penetration and avoid the risk of tears.

And do not forget to remove it quickly after ejaculation to prevent condoms from slipping. Hold it at the base of the penis, tie a knot to hold the sperm at the end and throw it in the trash. Know that you must change condoms between each penetration.

Use a condom in case of sexual intercourse with a new or new partner must be an automatism.

What should you watch out for when using a condom?

First of all, be careful when opening the packaging of your condom not to tear with nails, rings or teeth. Do not use chisels!

Be alert to the expiry date on the package and each sachet. Indeed, an expired condom is more fragile and can crack much more easily. Generally, condoms can be kept for 4 to 5 years. But if you have used one and it has not torn, you are not at risk.

Also, choose condoms complying with the manufacturing standards by verifying that they include the acronym CE (European Community) or NF (French Standard). They certify that the product is quality and secure. Then, it does not matter its color, its perfume, your size or its thickness. This does not affect its effectiveness. However, choose a condom that fits the size of your penis because it may not fit.

Avoid using greasy lubricants such as oil, butter or cream as it will make the condom porous and allow fluids to pass through.

Finally, remember to keep them in a cool and dry place, away from the sun.

Can we get pregnant despite the condom?

Even if the condom is 98% effective against an unwanted pregnancy, it still remains 2% risk. Indeed, zero risk does not exist. The condom can slip or crack and cause sperm leakage.

If you are a woman, it is quite possible to ovulate at any time, despite your regular 28-day menstrual cycle. So no matter when you have sex, the risk is always there.

But there is a way to ensure maximum protection: double protection. It is, during a sexual intercourse, to combine your condom with another means of contraception such as the pill, an IUD (IUD), an implant or even spermicides.

Be careful, remember that this double protection does not doubly protect you from sexually transmitted infections but only from an unwanted pregnancy.

And if the condom breaks?

You realize if all or part of the end of the penis is naked.

As a first step, discuss with your partner whether he or she has had risky or unprotected sex, and when was his or her last HIV / AIDS test. Know that it is possible to perform a self-test for a response to a risk taken more than 3 months ago. You will find it in pharmacies (think also pharmacies on duty).

If you have any doubt, get tested as soon as possible (within 4 to 6 hours of the incident) in a hospital or by making an appointment at a screening center, planning or with a doctor.

You can wash the mucous membranes with clear water, without soap. But do not rub too hard to avoid hurting yourself and facilitate possible contamination.

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