Top 10 best condoms of 2020

Our evolution ranking of the best condoms of the year, it takes into account all the characteristics: Customer Reviews / Subtlety / Lubrication / Odor / Price. With the best quality / price ratio. This is of course only the opinion of the Condomz team, and it does not take into account your size or your possible latex allergies. You can find all the discounts in the PROMOS section. As well as our selection of free condom samples .

Mysize x10

Condom in 7 Mysize sizes

The first condom that fits all penis sizes!

Box of 10 condoms


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Skyn Elite

Skyn condom Elite

  • A latex condom
  • For an almost imperceptible matter Skyn
  • For all those who are seeking natural pure sensations

Box of 10/20 latex condoms premium


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Condozone x100

Condozone Condoms x100

After 1 franc condom, condom to 15 cents per Condozone!

Box of 100 condoms


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Manix OrgazMax Plus

Beaded and ribbed condoms Manix

  • 420 condom-covered mega stimulating latex beads
  • To promote the orgasm of your female partner
  • For thrill seekers

Box of 14 condoms


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Manix Endurance

Manix Endurance x12 delaying condom

  • Containing a condom walnut benzocaine (local anesthetic) inside
  • Benzocaine anesthetic slightly to allow the glans to control the pleasure
  • For those who want to prolong sexual intercourse and better control the rise of pleasure

Box of 14 condoms


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Durex Hidden Extra Lubricated

Invisible Extra Lubricated super fine Durex condom

  • A condom ultra-thin latex and non-lubricated
  • To preserve the feelings and assure optimal protection
  • For vaginal and anal penetration

Box of 12/24 condoms


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Skins Flavoured

Skins flavored condom mix

Mix 4 flavors: banana, strawberry, mint and bubblegum.

Box of 12/16 condoms


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Intimy Classic

Intimy Classic lubricated soft top

  • A classic condom
  • To protect against STIs
  • For all those who want to protect themselves while making savings

Box of condoms 7/14/28

3.19  3.99

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Durex Nude

Ultra thin Durex Nude condom

  • Latex-free condoms
  • For a skin-to-skin sensation
  • For latex allergy sufferers

Box of 8/16 condoms


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Lelo HEX

Lelo Hex luxury condom

A revolutionary condom

3/6/12/36 condoms

8.42  9.90

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