What is the best condom?

What is the best condom?

1. Easy opening

And yes, before putting it on the penis, it will already have to take the condom out of its aluminum case (the "foil" which can also be plastic). And here all the brands are not equal. Favor the wide and square foils for a good grip and those who have small teeth on the side to be able to tear them easily. And avoid rectangular foils that are not big enough and difficult to hold in your hand.

In this respect, the brands Durex and Manix undoubtedly offer the best condoms, easy to open in all circumstances.

2. A discreet and pleasant smell

The condom latex gives off a strong enough smell that is very unpleasant at the opening and during the blowjob. To mask this smell, the manufacturers use discreet and light perfumes most often with vanilla or flowers. Obviously in the case of scented condoms (strawberry, chocolate, mint, ...), the perfume is much stronger!

Unfortunately sometimes some ungenerous manufacturers do not put enough product and the smell of latex quickly takes over. For others it is the chosen perfume that is not very pleasant. Each his own !

The leading brands are the best at this little game, and we particularly appreciate that of all condoms Durex: a lightly floral fragrance discreet and effective to mask the smell of latex.

3. A quick set up

Once the condom out of his holster, we attack the serious things with the introduction on the penis and unwinding. And here it is the same, all models are not equal: brands like Durex (with its easy-on form) offer condoms with a wider anatomical shape at the glans which allows a faster and easier unwinding. And how not to talk about Pronto Condom, the condom that is put in place in less than 3 seconds: with an integrated applicator, it is the easiest condom to put on, by far!

In terms of setting up, the winner by knockout is Pronto Condom. And a good mention for all models of anatomical shape regardless of their brand.

4. Good lubrication

To facilitate penetration and improve comfort during the report, all condoms are lubricated on their outer surface. There are 2 types of lubricants: water-based, or silicone-based. We have a preference for silicone lubricants because they last longer and have superior lubricity. But water-based ones work very well too. Manufacturers rarely indicate what type of lubricant is used on their condoms. Manix systematically uses silicone gel, guaranteed excellent comfort. Durex offers models with a double dose of lubricant, very comfortable too, especially for sodomy.

Difficult to release a better condom than others in this category, special mention all the same to the Durex Feeling Extra and the entire Manix range.

5. A suppleness and delicacy of latex

Well in place on the penis, the condom must now be forgotten: a quality latex, flexible and fine allows 2 partners to focus on the essential, fun. All CE and NF condoms are made of medical grade latex, tested for strength and elongation. But all condoms are not equal in terms of finesse: the most advanced factories allow to manufacture increasingly fine condoms, which retain their strength despite their finesse. And there are condoms in Sensoprene, latex-free, even a little thinner and more resistant.

The flexibility of the latex is important for the comfort of the man, the more flexible it is, the more it marries the shape of the penis. One solution to check: try!

Without hesitation, the finest condom and the most pleasant is the Manix Skyn (in Sensoprene material). Infinite Manix (latex) and Durex Feeling Extra complete the podium of the best condom in the category finesse and flexibility.

6. Why not a little more?

For some, the best condom is the simplest and most effective. For others, it is necessary that the condom brings a real plus in terms of pleasure: beads and grooves, a heating lubricant, a retarding gel, perfumes ...

The best textured condoms have at least 2 different textures: beads and grooves, and these are well marked on the surface. Durex Pleasuremax and Manix Xtra Pleasure are the best from this point of view.

The heating lubricant (or cold effect) is still rare on condoms, and variously appreciated, we will not give a winner in this category.

The best delaying condoms have a benzocaine-based gel kernel inside the tank to numb the glans. Everything is in the right dosage of the product. Our customers rely on Manix Endurance and Durex Performa.

At the top for oral sex, scented condoms offer dozens of different tastes: the best smell really close to reality (vanilla, orange), the worst are often sickening.

7. The podium of Condomz customers

Here is the ranking of the 3 best condoms of the moment, based on the notes given by our customers: ease of opening, smell / taste, unwinding, fineness, lubrication and resistance.

# 1: Manix Skyn : thinner than a latex condom, largely lubricated, easy to open and unroll.

N ° 2: Durex Feeling Extra : Extra fine, extra lubricated, with Easy-On shape for easy set-up and excellent comfort.

N ° 3: Manix Infini : extra fine, very well lubricated, easy to open and unfold.


Wilfried BORG - CPO (Chief Préservatif Officer)

Co-fondateur de Condomz en 2003, j'achète et je vend des préservatifs et du lubrifiant partout dans le monde.
Incollable sur la norme NF et le procédé de fabrication de la capote, j'ai parcouru la planète pour dénicher les meilleurs usines et les meilleurs modèles.
Fier d'avoir aider à protéger des millions d'Européens et d'Européennes en 20 ans, je me demande parfois combien d'orgasmes ont été protégés par Condomz !

Une question sur le préservatif ou le lubrifiant : wilfried[at]condomz.fr

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