Vitalis X-Large

100 condoms

Vitalis X-Large
Vitalis X-Large - 100 condoms


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  • A wider condom
  • For added comfort and safety
  • For men too tight in standard condoms
Because a condom too tight is uncomfortable but especially dangerous - cracking risk is higher - Vitalis X-Large is a condom with a nominal width is 57 mm, 5 mm longer than a standard condom.
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Presentation of Vitalis X-Large

Extra large Vitalis is both wider than other condoms (57mm), but also longer (190mm). Maximum comfort for men generously endowed.

The Vitalis condoms are electronically tested for safety and total protection. Their price / quality ratio is one of the best in the market.

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Capacity: 100pc
Prices incl. VAT / pc: € 0.20

EAN: 4025838900236

  • Why choose a large size condom?

    XXL condoms

    Generously endowed by Mother Nature, it is not always easy to find the hood that combines comfort and protection. All brands now offer large size condoms (or XL), a small retail review.


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