The scented condoms

The scented condoms

Gluttony is no longer a bad thing

Everyone knows the strawberry or chocolate condoms, many have already tried them, but do you know the difference between a scented condom and a flavored condom? Do you know if these condoms make you fat if you consume too much? Can they serve outside the fellatio? Read on to find out more ...

Discover the sweetness of a hug with strawberry, the freshness of caresses with mint, the exoticism of a cuddle with lychee or coconut, the pleasure of pleasures with vanilla or chocolate: an infinity of sensations to decline according to your appetite. Do you have water in your mouth? So, you just have to choose what will be the taste of your next frolics!

Preservative scented or flavored?

In fact, it’s the same thing. Manufacturers add condom lubricant additive type food aroma (found in yogurt for example). This aroma exudes a pleasant scent and gives a taste during oral sex, but the taste will always be very light, because the amount of aroma is low so as not to remain in the standards of manufacture of condoms. In any case, with the scented condoms, finished the smells of latex during the pose and during the blowjob!

In addition, the food flavors do not contain any sugar at all. So no risk of gaining weight or even increasing your diabetes: you can devour them without limit!

The condom of fellatio ... but not only

Blowjob is for nearly 70% of men, essential to the development of any sex life. This practice can be contaminating and so you have to protect yourself, but some and some partners may be embarrassed by the taste and unpleasant smell of latex that many condoms have. So to find the taste of fellatio, you just have to choose the perfume and you let go to greedy caresses.

Who was not at least once spared when opening and putting on a condom by the smell of latex? A tender and romantic moment a little spoiled. While if you had planned a scented condom, no problem, a slight smell floats in the atmosphere, you can focus on the essentials.

Which perfumed condom to choose?

All major brands now offer a wide choice of scented condoms. Because all tastes are in nature, it would be a shame not to taste it.

If your favorite brand does not offer a fragrant condom or if you swear by only one condom model that is not available in a scented version, you can also try scented lubricants. A few drops deposited on the condom unrolled will give the same feelings as a scented condom. Find our full range of scented lubricants .

The opinion of our customers about scented condoms

Our customers have tried and they loved.

? Laurθne : I love my boyfriend and I like to give him pleasure. Yet, like many women I think, I did not particularly like fellatio. Since I discovered scented condoms, my friend is really happy.

? Eric : I am greedy and I love to make love with all my senses. I just met a girl like me, so since our first appointment, we change often taste, with a preference for chocolate.

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