Textured condoms

Textured condoms

Protection and sensations, even more fun!

Not always easy to combine pleasure and protection with a condom. Manufacturers have however for several years found the solution with textured condoms. Standard EN or NF, they combine the protection against STDs and the discovery of new sensations with a textured surface.

According to a Durex survey, textured condoms are one of the best ways for couples to stimulate their antics, just like pornographic movies and sexy accessories! And they are right, textured condoms allow you to vary the pleasures and share new sensations: regular condom users will appreciate these new and exciting textures and beginners will discover that a condom can be an asset to give his / her partner a greater satisfaction.

How it works ?

There are many models of textured condoms, all major brands have worked on condoms grooved or beaded, always thinner and easier to implement and of course respecting the standard NF or CE for maximum protection.

In all cases, the texture of the condom is composed of grooves or beads a few microns thick, etched on the surface of the condom. These few microns, which can be felt easily by touching the condom with the finger, are sufficient to stimulate the walls of the vagina or anus during the back and forth. And to keep all the sensations of contact and warmth, the textured condom is as thin as a classic condom.

The opinion of our customers

Our customers have tried and they loved.

? Thierry, MANIX Intense : great sensations, very fine and my partner has felt a difference with a classic hood. Recommended!

? Virginie, DUREX Excita : amazing, we feel the ribs during the set up and once inside, there is something different, really good. An exciting condom to try.

? Aďda, HOT RUBBER Vibes : the textured surface, even if it is only accessory next to the protection, allows to vary the pleasures. Obviously, the difference is slight, but it helps to break the monotony. The sensation is pleasant, and the condom is of quality: it stays in place, does not tear, and is very pleasant to the touch.

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