Mysize Mix

"Different sensations but always at your size!"

Mysize Mix
Mysize Mix - Box of 28 condoms


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  • A mix of condoms in your size
  • For tailor-made sensations
  • For those who want to discover new sensations
A mix of condoms signed MySize that brings together different sensations but always at your size!

Presentation of Mysize Mix

All you have to do is choose your size and a range of new sensations are offered to you! The box contains only one size for your comfort.
The MySize Mix box contains:
  • 7 Classic condoms, natural color and smooth for comfort.
  • 7 Color Condoms, red and blue for fun.
  • 7 Ribbed, ribbed and beaded condoms for maximum sensations.
  • 7 Flavor condoms, with a good strawberry taste for gourmet foreplay.

  • MySize condoms are low in allergens thanks to the use of VYTEX latex, a very pure latex. It contains over 90% less latex protein, so is virtually free of protein and allergenic impurities.

    MySize uses ingredients that are not of animal origin and not tested on animals!

    Buy Mysize Mix Textured Condom

    Textured: the surface of the condom is no longer smooth and it provides unique sensations with the friction on the sexes of the 2 partners. Try them it's surprising even if the sensations felt depend on the person and the partner. Of course these condoms are as strong as the others and comply with the CE standard. Those who have purchased Mysize Mix love the sensations it provides. Follow our user reviews on Mysize Mix and compare our prices in Exciting Beaded and Grooved Condom.

    MY.SIZE, the first condom available in 7 sizes!

    German brand, MY.SIZE is the first to have understood that men are different. Hence the idea of launching a condom in several sizes, to adapt to all penis sizes. A classic soft top is 52mm to 54mm in nominal width, MY.SIZE offers 7 sizes from 47mm to 69mm: for very large soft top sizes, MY.SIZE is unbeatable! All MY.SIZE are made in the same ultra-modern factory, with medical grade latex.

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    EAN Nominal width:49mm: 4025838928490
    EAN Nominal width:57mm: 4025838928575
    EAN Nominal width:60mm: 4025838928605
    EAN Nominal width:64mm: 4025838928643
    EAN Nominal width:69mm: 4025838928698

    Before use, carefully read the instructions printed inside the box. And see our guide on how to put on a condom .
    Check that the condom packaging (plastic or aluminum foil) is not opened or damaged, and check the expiry date.
    Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
    These condoms contain natural latex rubber which can cause allergic reactions, consult a doctor in case of doubt (appearance of redness or itching).

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    Mysize Mix

    • A mix of condoms in your size
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    • For those who want to discover new sensations

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