Skyn Unknown pleasures+

"Limited edition Skyn Unknown pleasures+"

Skyn Unknown pleasures+
Skyn Unknown pleasures+ - Box of 42 condoms


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Box of 42 condoms

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  • A mix of SKYN® condoms
  • To discover the Skyn range
Immerse yourself in the unknown with the limited edition Skyn Unknown Pleasure+ condoms, an internet exclusive, to discover intense pleasure and different sensations!

Presentation of Skyn Unknown pleasures+

conSkyn Unknown Pleasures+ limited edition are 42 condoms made from Skynfeel material, so soft and comfortable that you will barely feel it. 4 models to discover:
  • 6 condoms PEARL TEXTURE
  • 6 Shivering effect condoms
  • 6 HEATING effect condoms
  • 6 REFRESHING effect condoms

Sale of the Skyn Unknown pleasures+ condom

Skyn is the new revolution in terms of condoms: the unique Sensoprene material developed exclusively by Skyn is more flexible and stronger than latex: the condom is thinner and the sensations between the two partners are preserved as much as possible. Those who purchased Skyn Unknown pleasures+ liked its flexibility and finesse. Consult our customer tests on Skyn Unknown pleasures+ and compare our offers in Skyn.

SKYN, the world',s leading latex-free condom

Created by the Ansell laboratory in 2009, SKYN latex-free condoms are made from SKYNFEEL?, a revolutionary synthetic polyisoprene material without natural rubber: they are much softer to wear than a natural latex condom. SKYNFEEL? allows both lovers amazing sensations of comfort and pleasure and provides the sensation of wearing nothing, while being completely suitable for individuals allergic to latex. SKYN condoms undergo strict testing and meet the highest safety standards. And for even greater safety, SKYN condoms are manufactured in a factory completely isolated from any facility processing natural rubber latex. 98% of people who have tested SKYN condoms recommend them: you will definitely love them! SKYN are also new, very sensual lubricating gels for all practices.

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Capacity: 42pc
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EAN: 5011831101526

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