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Durex Play lubricant and massage gel

If you hesitate when choosing your lubricant, choose Durex which is the world number 1: strawberry or cherry flavor lubricant , Sensilube intimate gel and all Play water-based lubricants. For massages, try Durex 2-in-1 massage gels and lubricant, with a soft and sensual texture. To boost female pleasure, Durex offers the exciting Orgasm'Intense gel which is applied to the clitoris: guaranteed effect! On the practical side, Durex gel is available in a pump bottle: press on the diffuser and collect on your fingers a dose that is sufficient to lubricate well. The massage gel is sold in a tube with a stopper that does not leak. Durex lubricants are formulated with high quality ingredients to minimize the risk of allergy.

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Durex Sensilube

Durex Sensilube gel for intimate drought 40ml

Sensilube, intimate gel recommended by gynecologists.Intimate Gel 40ml

€ 10.99

Avail. : In stock


Durex Strawberry

Durex Strawberry naughty strawberry gel

A rogue lubricant and fruity for gourmet foreplay!50/100ml

€ 6.49

Avail. : In stock


Durex Play Feel

Durex Feel intimate lubricant

A bottle gel playful and very efficient.50/100/250ml Diffuser

€ 6.79

Avail. : In stock


Durex Hot

Durex Warming Effect Lubricant

A heating gel bottle playful and powerful.50/100ml Diffuser

€ 8.99

Avail. : In stock


Durex Play Massage 2en1

Durex Play Massage Oil with Aloe Vera

A tube 2 in 1 massage oil and intimate gel Durex signed!200ml

€ 7.99

Avail. : In stock


Durex Gel Perfect Gliss

Long-lasting Durex Perfect Gliss gel

Long-term lubrication50ml diffuser

€ 11.49

Avail. : In stock


Durex Crazy Cherry

Durex Cherry naughty cherry gel

A very nasty gel Durex flavored with cherry.50/100ml pump bottle

€ 6.99

Avail. : In stock



Durex Duo Play Massage

Durex Lubricant Duo

For sensual intimate massages200ml lubricant

€ 13.99

Avail. : In stock

Durex Tingling

Durex Tingling shivering lubricating gel

A refreshing gel that chills effect multiplies the sensations.50/100ml Diffuser

€ 8.41

Avail. : In stock


Durex Play Massage Stimulating

Durex Play Stimulating massage gel

Massage lubricant gel enriched with Guarana.200ml

€ 7.99

Avail. : In stock

Durex Naturals Intimate Gel Extra Sensitivo

Durex Naturals Intimate Extra Sensitivo Gel

Natural and enriched with aloe vera100ml tube

€ 13.99

Avail. : In stock

Durex Pack Best Of Gel

Durex gels promo pack

1 Durex Play Feel + 1 Durex Play Warming + 1 Durex Play Saucy Strawberry3 vials lubricant

€ 16.90

Avail. : In stock

Durex Play Massage Sensuel

Durex Play Massage Sensual Ylang Ylang oil 200ml

Massage lubricant gel enriched with Ylang Ylang!200ml

€ 14.99

Avail. : In stock


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