Love Match aromatizzato

Pack of 6condoms

Love Match aromatizzato
Love Match aromatizzato - Pack of 6condoms


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Flavoured condoms in convenient capsule and reliable.

Try the Italian condoms Love Match Aromatizatto, 3 flavors: strawberry, banana, chocolate. In their super convenient and easy to open capsule.
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Presentation of Love Match aromatizzato

3 flavors: strawberry, banana and chocolate to savor condoms Love Match of the range, from Italy. Why choose? Because they are protected by a capsule: easier to open, stronger than conventional foil, in Condomz we love it!

Love Match all condoms have a wider shape at the glans to facilitate peeling, lubricant masking the smell of latex and foil capsule for a single opening without stress.

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Capacity: 6pc
Prices incl. VAT / pc: € 0.48

EAN: 8052742680066

  • Why choose a condom with taste?

    The scented condoms

    Strawberry, chocolate, mint, lychee, licorice, every taste is on your condoms. Ideal for fellatio, come take a tour of all the major brands to awaken your taste buds.


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