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All our condoms comply with the CE standard (and even NF for some) and undergo extensive tests during their manufacture. If you are allergic to latex (irritation or redness when using it), first choose a condom made of Sensoprene , Polyurethane or protein-free latex. Then comes the choice of the size of the condom : too small and you will find yourself tight and uncomfortable, too big and you risk losing it during sex. After all, it's a question of budget and desire: manufacturers offer flavored , pearl and ribbed, heating, delaying condoms: take the test with your partner! Properly used (respecting the installation instructions and storage conditions), the condom is the only reliable protection against sexually transmitted infections such as AIDS. Read all our tips for choosing your condom and finding your condom size . If you want sure values, we offer you exclusive Durex models, all Manix condoms and the Skyn feeling of wearing nothing.

Bestsellers condoms


Condomz Seconde Peau

Condomz Second Skin Condom

The feeling of being naked100 condoms

€ 19.99


Intimy Taille XXL

Very large condom Intimy XXL

The widest of the brand: 60mmBox of 14 condoms

€ 8.99


Mysize Pro x36

Mysize Pro x36

The brand of condom that adapts to all penis sizes!Box of 36 condoms

€ 28.20


Skyn Original

Skyn latex free condom x10

Ready to experience condom new generation?Box of condoms 3/10/20/40/144

€ 5.99 € 7.50


Skyn King Size

Skyn condom Large Size

Skyn: the sensation of wearing nothing, now available in King Size.Box of 10/20/30/40/144 condoms

€ 8.90

Hot Deal of the Day


Skyn Pack Best Of

Skyn condom pack

The tops of the coveted Skyn brand3 x 10 condoms

€ 20.99 € 27.99


Jordan mix

Jordan Mix

The large Manix size for maximum comfort!4 condoms

€ 4.79 € 5.99


Einhorn Rückkehr der Spermamonster

Einhorn Rückkehr der Spermamonster vegan condom

The bag of condoms like sweets!7 condoms

€ 5.59 € 6.99


Einhorn Muschigegenstände

Einhorn Muschigegenstände vegan condom

The bag of condoms like sweets!7 condoms

€ 5.59 € 6.99


Einhorn Foodporn

Einhorn Foodporn vegan condom

The bag of condoms like candy!7 condoms

€ 5.59 € 6.99

Latest News

Durex Orgasm'Intense

Durex Textured condoms with stimulating gel for her

To intensify female pleasure.10 condoms

€ 13.99

Mysize Mix

Mix of MySize condoms in your size

Different sensations but always at your size!Box of 10 condoms

€ 9.99

Mysize Mix

Mysize Mix

Different sensations but always at your size!Box of 28 condoms

€ 22.99

Durex Feeling XL

Condom Durex Large size

Thin, extra lubricated and extra wide for more sensations

€ 12.50

Learn more with our guides

  • Condom FAQ

    Condom FAQ

    10 questions to learn more about condoms: the ultimate FAQ!

  • How is a condom made?

    How is a condom made?

    From the latex harvest to the final tests, discover all the stages of condom manufacturing.

  • How to choose a condom ?

    How to choose a condom ?

    In the jungle of condoms, it’s not easy to find your way around. Size, color, texture, taste, everything is there for those who know what they want but for others a long search begins.

  • How reliable is the condom?

    How reliable is the condom?

    The effectiveness rate of the male condom is 98% and 95% for a female condom, if they are well used, otherwise these rates can go down to 15%. But does the condom protect you from everything? Yes, it is the only protection against all sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and is one of the best ways to prevent any risk of pregnancy.

  • Comment enfiler un préservatif ?

    Comment enfiler un préservatif ?

    Our quick guide to learning to put on a condom in less than 10 seconds. The important points to check before, and the steps to roll it out on the penis. Follow the guide !

  • The 7 things you can not do with a condom

    The 7 things you can not do with a condom

    The condom is a medical device in the sense of the law, and also a very fragile product. It protects you against many diseases, some of which are still dead today, it protects you against unwanted pregnancies, so you too must take care of him, protect him so he can protect you in every moment intimate of your life.

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