What to do with an old condom?

What to do with an old condom?

Where to find the expiry date of a condom?

The expiry date is always written directly on the foil (the aluminum casing that protects the condom). If no date is indicated on the foil, then either this condom does not comply with the CE or NF, or the date has cleared over time: in both cases, put the condom directly in the trash!

The expiry date is also always indicated on the condom box. Tip: Always check the date before buying them, and take the box with the longest expiry date.

How long does it take before a condom is out of date?

All CE or NF standard condoms have an expiry date set at 5 years after their date of manufacture. For a condom manufactured in October 2012, its expiry date will be September 2017: here you leave time to use it!

Why 5 years? Because the latex of condoms is a natural material, which loses its properties over time, the latex becomes more porous and less resistant over the years. In addition, the lubricant on condoms also dries over time.

What are the risks if I use an expired condom?

As latex becomes porous as you age, if you use an old condom, it will be more fragile and it may burst more easily. The danger for you and your partner is to get a sexually transmitted infection (Hepatitis, AIDS, Herpes), or to become pregnant without wanting it.

In addition to the expiry date, condom storage conditions play an important role: if you keep your condoms in a damp place (on the terrace of your apartment, in a boat) or in a very hot place (on the telescope rear of the car, near a radiator), the service life will be greatly reduced!

Same if you put your condoms in the pocket or in a wallet: if the foil is folded, it may crack and thus weaken the condom inside. In short: keep your condoms in their box, in a drawer, safe and take them out only for the good cause!

And if the condom is outdated by only 1 month or 2?

If it is indicated an expiry date on the box of condoms, it is good not to exceed it! Would you eat an old food? No !

So if the condom is out of date, or even if the entire box is out of date, throw them all in the trash and buy new ones: your health is priceless!

I used an old condom, what should I do?

You have not been careful or your partner has been reckless and you have used an outdated condom: do not panic. If the condom has not burst, you risk nothing, even if the pores of the condom have been enlarged over time, they are anyway too small to let the sperm pass.

On the other hand, if the condom burst during sexual intercourse, then you must take all the necessary precautions such as unprotected intercourse: morning after pill to avoid pregnancy, and HIV test for you and your partner.


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