Vibrating rings

Vibrating rings

Vibrate with pleasure with a vibrating ring!

Want to discover different pleasures? To intensify the pleasure of women and prolong the pleasure of men: the vibrating rings will be the sexual revolution of 2006!

Why does the vibrating ring bring more pleasure?

Because they are mostly clitoral, many women reach orgasm more easily when penetration is accompanied by clitoral stimulation. Threaded at the base of the partner’s penis, the vibrating ring is placed just on the clitoris. Covered with small soft pimples that can vibrate up to 8000 pulsations per minute, it gently massages this erogenous zone and provides an intense and unique pleasure.

For the man, these very exciting vibrations are combined with the tightening effect of the ring which reinforces the erection and delay ejaculation by retaining the influx of blood into the penis: long-lasting pleasure guaranteed! The vibrating rings are elastic material and adapt to the width of the penis, the tightening effect may be more or less important, but without ever being embarrassing.

? Durex Vibrations is the best seller of vibrating rings. 20min of pleasure, entirely in silicone.

? Tentationel Original , with a life of 30min, silicone, it is slightly tightened.

? Tentationel Deluxe , is a real vibrating silicone cockring, very tight to retain the maximum amount of blood in the penis while stimulating the clitoris.

Using a vibrating ring

Manufactured in latest generation silicone and certified without latex, vibrating rings can be used by all those allergic to latex. They all perfectly meet European and American safety standards and are designed to be superimposed on a condom. Single-use, they are disposable gadgets with a lifespan of 20 to 30 minutes. They are packed in very strict hygienic conditions guaranteeing absolute sterility. Check before each use that the packaging has not been opened or damaged.

1- Carefully open the individual packaging. Please do not use your nails or other sharp objects to avoid damaging the ring.

2- If you use a condom, please unroll it carefully on the erect penis, before positioning your ring.

3- Then carefully place the ring at the base of the penis. The upper vibrating part of the ring as well as the pattern must be oriented upwards to be positioned perfectly on the clitoris of your partner.

4- You can start or stop the vibrations when you want simply by pressing the small button located on the left side of the ring.

5- Please discard the ring after each use in a suitable bin. Never throw the ring in the toilet and for hygiene reasons, never reuse them.

A small variant for those who are sensitive to the anus. It is possible to return the vibrating ring to stimulate the anus rather than the clitoris: pleasure assured.

The opinion of our customers

Our customers have tried and they loved.

? Laura, Tentationel Original : What to say? It brings this little extra that can literally change your sexual relationship ... Discreet, light but effective. Pleasant for the man, breathtaking for the woman!

? Patrice, Tentationel Deluxe : Tentationel allowed me to prolong the pleasure with my friend, I recommend this use: when you are about to come, stay inside your partner and while the ring acts and it’s good for him, you’ll have time to regain your strength.

? Martine, Durex Vibrations : At first I thought it was a sextoy, but after testing, I will say more than it is ’a vibrating hood’, it vibrates serious and it gives me a clitoral pleasure at the same time as a vaginal pleasure, it’s great!


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