Tips for a first sodomy

Tips for a first sodomy

You want to practice sodomy with your partner but she is not very up for this first time? Maybe she’s afraid of hurting, maybe she’s embarrassed by this still a little taboo practice, or maybe you’re afraid of not insuring?

Anal penetration is a source of pleasure for many people who have tried it. The first time is very important, if it goes well, then there is a good chance for sodomy to become a new love game between the two partners. But for this first time going well for both, we must take the time to prepare well and follow our few tips.


Hygiene and cleanliness are essential to the practice of sodomy. First because it is more pleasant for both partners, then because the anus contains bacteria that can potentially contaminate the vaginal flora. So take a shower or bath before you play anal games, and then these are pretty cool preliminaries to start.

Once your penis or sextoy has been inserted into your partner’s rectum, you should never put them in the vagina until you have washed them. If you attempt vaginal penetration after anal penetration without washing the penis or using different condoms, you risk a serious infection of the vagina.

The desire to try sodomy

Before attempting to penetrate your partner’s anus with your penis (big or small!), It must first feel the desire, all his fears have dissipated, and you can read in his eyes the desire to feel in her in the depths of her intimacy.

To prepare your partner for the idea of sodomy, do not hesitate to stimulate his anus regularly during foreplay: gently stroking with a finger the outer part of the anus, without penetration, circling around the l ’orifice. This stimulation can be done at the same time as you stimulate her clitoris and vagina with another finger, using vaginal lubrication to moisten the anal area. Even if she is reluctant to the idea of sodomy, it is likely that she enjoys anal petting without penetration!

When you feel that your partner appreciates these strokes on his anus (it can take 1 day like several weeks, and even sometimes never happen), you can try during a cunnilingus to come and lick anus with your tongue. Obviously the hygiene must be irreproachable, this practice is very pleasant in the shower for example. These oral caresses on the anus, made gently by putting a lot of saliva are a very nice preparation for sodomy. You can turn around the hole and press harder to gently penetrate the tip of the tongue into the anus. This practice called rimming is not mandatory at all to enjoy sodomy, it must be done with the agreement of the 2 partners who should feel no embarrassment to appreciate it.

Whether or not you have practiced rimming, when your partner appreciates the caresses on his anus, you can then integrate this game during vaginal penetrations: in the position of the lotus (the woman on the man), or in doggy position you can come and stroke the anus with a finger. Double stimulation of the vagina and anus may be explosive pleasure! If your partner appreciates, then you can gently penetrate her anus with a well-lubricated finger (with saliva or lubricating gel) while continuing vaginal penetration with your penis. Always be attentive to the reactions of your partner, do not get your finger too deeply if you feel that it hurts, sometimes a few inches are enough to cause a very strong excitement.

If your partner appreciates the caresses and the penetration of a finger, then it is time to approach with her the question of sodomy. It can take 1 day as many months before it accepts to be penetrated by your penis: be patient, the pleasure must be shared for all 2.

The start-up

Before embarking on anal penetration, be sure that your partner wants it, and that she is willing to try it with you. If she refuses, do not try to force her, it might be enough to disgust her forever, and that’s not what you want, if?

As you did previously with caresses of the finger or tongue on the anus, the first sodomy must be prepared at length with hot preliminaries. If your partner enjoys rimming, then start by delicately licking her anus. If she prefers caresses with her finger, stimulate her as she likes. Take your time, moisten the anus with lubricating gel and feel the relax as your caresses. Your partner will guide you by gestures or words, to invite you to penetrate gently with a finger.

When the anus is relaxed enough so that you can insert the fingertip, lubricate with lubricating gel your forefinger, and put a nut of gel at the entrance of the hole, then gently slide your finger into the orifice with small back-and-forth very slow. Feel free to use your tongue to stimulate the clitoris at the same time as you tuck your finger, to increase the excitement of your partner.

When your index finger is completely inside the hole, play gently with it doing it back and forth very short, making it vibrate gently, to relax a little more anus. When you feel that the anus is well relaxed, while leaving your index finger inserted, come with your middle finger to the entrance of the hole and make it penetrate in turn. Gently, slide this 2nd finger completely. When your 2 fingers are inside the anus, play with them to relax a little more your partner. At that moment his excitement must be at the maximum and it is then time to get down to business ...

Anal penetration

When your partner’s anus is sufficiently prepared, choose a comfortable position for all 2. Here are our 2 favorites in order of ease:

  • She on the back: the easiest because you see everything that happens and have easier access,
  • In spoon: sensual, it allows the partner to control the angle of penetration.

Avoid the doggie, not always practical nor comfortable for you, the amazon or the lotus because you can not control easily the penetration. And obviously avoid acrobatic positions, the goal is that this first time goes well!

When your partner is comfortably installed, put a large amount of lubricating gel on the glans and all along your penis. Do not hesitate to put a little lubricant on his anus. In the chosen position, with a very vigorous erection, position your penis at the entrance to the orifice then made a very soft back and forth to make it penetrate. The penis is often wider than the penis, this is the crucial moment for the success of sodomy. Keep going back and forth and once your penis is fully back into the anus, then gently push your penis.

With each back and forth, look at the reactions of your partner, watch any pain or discomfort that it may feel and feel free to withdraw completely, wait a few moments, put back some lubricant and then try again. If the pain is too strong, forget it and move on, you can try it again next time.

When your penis has returned completely, then you can go back and forth more vigorous, but do not forget to stay soft, this is a first time! Avoid to withdraw then to enter again, these games are reserved for the most experienced. It is easier to stay in the anus until ejaculation or when your partner asks you to stop.

The five golden rules of sodomy

  1. Always use lubricant: unlike the vagina, the small amount of mucus produced by the rectum is insufficient for anal penetration. Therefore sodomy should always be accompanied by a good dose of lubricating gel. Water-based lubricants or silicone-based gels are compatible with latex condoms and are highly recommended. There is even anal gel specially designed for sodomy. They are even more lubricating, and sometimes contain antibacterial agents or substances to relax the anus.
  2. Stop immediately if your partner asks you to stop: if your partner is too tense or stressed, sodomy will probably hurt him. We are not saying to stop trying completely, but not to force it, as this will only lead to a bad experience for her, and make her less inclined to try again.
  3. Take your time: when you try sodomy for the first time, go slowly. Do not be in a hurry, take your time and the experience will be much better. You must not force things. If you lubricate the anus correctly, a finger or a sex toy must be able to slip easily. We recommend using your fingers to dilate the anus and excite your partner.
  4. Communicate with your partner: as with any sexual activity, communication is essential to appreciate sodomy. Talk about what you want to do, discuss your desires first, tell your partner what you like and do not like everything. Tell your preferences, and be receptive to his, this is the best way to live a pleasant and shared anal experience.
  5. It is not enough to want to make sodomy pleasant: read the other four points.

Understanding the anus and rectum

A minority of men and women have anal orgasms without stimulation of the clitoris or penis. For women, anal orgasm is caused by contraction of the pelvic muscles - and for a small minority through the sheer excitement of being penetrated anally. For men, orgasm can be experienced through pressure applied to the prostate, and indirect stimulation of the internal base of the penis. Oral stimulation orgasm is more likely to occur when participants are completely focused on their sensations and fantasies.

The main function of the rectum is to act as a passage for the stool. Stool is not normally stored in the rectum, but small amounts may remain in the rectum. This is one of the reasons why it is recommended to use condoms during anal sex.

The rectum is not right. After the short anal canal that connects the anal orifice to the rectum, the rectum tilts towards the front of the body, sometimes up to 90 degrees. Then, after a few more inches, he lunges towards the front of the body again. A person can learn about the shape of his rectum by gently inserting a soft object, trying different angles and body positions and focusing on how he feels. Make sure the object has a flared base so that if you lose the object, it does not slip into the rectum.

If you insert a finger about one centimeter into the anus and press your finger on the side, you can feel both sphincter muscles. There is less than half a centimeter between them. The external sphincter is controlled by the central nervous system (voluntary), which means that you can stretch and relax this sphincter whenever you want. The internal sphincter is very different. This muscle is controlled by the autonomic nervous system (involuntary). The internal sphincter responds to fear and anxiety. He can close the anus automatically even if the person tries to relax.

There is a risk of loss of sphincter tone over time due to repeated dilation during anal penetration. Incontinence can occur when the tone of the anal sphincter decreases, this problem must be corrected surgically if it becomes chronic. This is another very good reason to do things slowly and never force sodomy. Each body adapts differently, and if anal sex remains painful (or very uncomfortable) then it is best not to continue: there are many other ways to stimulate and enjoy the anal area that sodomy!

It is always important to protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections and AIDS by using a condom, and this is especially true during sodomy. The lining of the rectum is very thin, and can tear if there is too much pressure during penetration.

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