The delaying condoms

The delaying condoms

Prolong the pleasure!

Emotive, impatient, it is sometimes difficult to reconcile his pleasure and that of his partner. Nearly one-third of women feel that the length of the reports does not fully satisfy them and more than half of the men think that the duration of the report is the most important thing in the sexual act. The delaying condom is therefore primarily a solution for men sensitive to premature ejaculation, but also for all those who wish to increase their performance.

At all times, men have sought solutions to deal with this problem. With the advent of the modern physician, there are now many effective solutions based on drugs, creams and lotions or psychological work on oneself. The delaying condom is a simple, fast and cheap solution that also offers protection against STDs, a real plus at a first meeting.

How it works ?

All major brands of condoms offer in their range a delaying condom, with different solutions: specific shape, greater thickness or anesthetic gel.

? Durex Extended Pleasure and Manix Endurance contain a benzocaine nut (local anesthetic) in the tank that melts under the effect of the body heat of the glans and penetrates the erogenous zone to delay ejaculation. It takes 2 to 3 minutes for the product to take effect and insensitizes the glans. You can then penetrate your partner and make your reports last.

? Intimy Performance,: thicker for powerful hugs, so it necessarily leaves less the sensations between the 2 partners and allows the man to better control his sensitivity.

Advantages and disadvantages

For condoms that use a local anesthetic, the numbness of the glans can be uncomfortable, especially the first time, but with the habit it disappears quickly. It should not be abused, prolonged anesthesia is not recommended and in the long term the body would get used and cancel the desired effect. Unlike some creams, the anesthetic product is inside the condom, no risk to numb your partner!

For tightened condoms or those thicker, no side effects to report. With smaller penises, the tightening effect will be less effective, then prefer those based on benzocaine.

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