The condom cracked? What should I do ?

The condom cracked? What should I do ?

The first thing to do in case of break

The first thing to do, is not to panic, think clean sperm for reasons of personal hygiene (in case of ejaculation if you noticed too late that the condom had cracked). If the condom has cracked before ejaculation, there are anyway the same risks that if it cracks after: the woman can contaminate the man, and the pre-cum (secreted by the man before ejaculation) can be contaminating and contains sperm.

But in any case, if the condom has cracked, whether before or after ejaculation you must ask 2 questions:

  • Do I (or my female partner) use a reliable method of contraception? If so, then there is no risk of pregnancy, you are quiet on that side. Otherwise you will need emergency contraception (see below: "Avoid pregnancy")
  • Has my partner been tested for HIV, and has no known STIs: If you have sex with a regular, faithful partner and have had the recent HIV test, then there is no risk of contamination, you are quiet on that side. Otherwise, if you have any doubt about your partner, you will have to think about emergency treatment against HIV (see below: "STIs and AIDS there is emergency treatment")

Avoid pregnancy

If you do not take any other method of contraception than the condom (pill, IUD, ...), then go the same day or the next day in your pharmacy to ask for the pill the next day. It is available without a prescription, under the name of Norlevo or EllaOne, and is 65% covered by Social Security.

Above all, take it as soon as possible after the condom break, at most 3 days later, because its effectiveness decreases with time. It is reliable at about 75%.

And in any case, if you notice a delay in your period even after taking the morning after pill, do a pregnancy test.

STI and AIDS, there is an emergency treatment

If you’re using a condom with a partner you’re not sure of because he’s not your regular partner and you did not do both the HIV test, then you have to go to the emergency room. hospital. Attention, a partner who tells you I am "safe", is not necessarily: if it is a person you met recently, that she did not take the HIV test, then distrust, she says perhaps this is to reassure you, but on your side nothing is safe and you can not trust him on such a high risk.

So go to the emergency department as soon as possible, where a doctor will assess the risk of contamination and may prescribe emergency treatment for exposure to HIV: it is a treatment to be taken for a month that stops the spread of the virus and prevents the contamination. It must be taken very quickly, no later than 48 hours after the condom break.

Obviously, it will then be necessary to make a test in the weeks that follow to be definitely sure (e) not having contracted a sexually transmitted infection.

Why does a condom crack?

Condoms are made of a natural material, latex (sometimes also Sensoprene or Polyurethane) which has exceptional strength despite its finesse. But sometimes this is not enough, especially if you do not take the right precautions before putting it on:

  • Always buy a condom with the CE or NF standard : it is always marked roughly on the box, and this allows you to be sure that it has been tested and is compliant and resistant.
  • Choose a condom at the right size : if you are well mounted, take a condom XL that will be less tight, if you are rather below average, take a small, better adapted
  • Store your condoms in a cool and dry place : do not put them outside, in the fridge, in the freezer or near the radiator, it makes them much more fragile
  • Always check the expiry date of the condom : if it is out of date, it will be less resistant and will have more chance to crack
  • Never use a used condom : it has already been rubbed, certainly dried, in short it is sure to break every time!
  • Never put 2 condoms on each other : air pockets will form, create friction between the 2 condoms, and again you have every chance to see the condom explode
  • During anal penetration, consider choosing a reinforced and extra-lubricated condom, or else used an intimate lubricant: unlike the vagina, the anus is not lubricated naturally, so without lubricant there is more friction and risk a break. Not to mention the comfort provided by the lubricant gel for both partners.

Then, we must pay attention to the establishment of the condom:

  • Open the foil (the aluminum case that protects the condom) with your hands, preferably hands without long nails, and especially not with teeth or scissors: most condoms crack because they have been slightly cut (even invisible to the naked eye) when opening the foil
  • Remember to press the tank well to chase the air , this will have more room for sperm during ejaculation
  • Unroll well on the penis , to the base of the penis, it does not matter if it does not unfold completely, the most important is that there are no air bubbles between the penis and the condom.

If all these instructions are respected, the bad luck to see the condom crack are much weaker. But unfortunately it happens anyway.

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