The 7 things you can not do with a condom

The 7 things you can not do with a condom

1. Buy a condom out of its original box

You can find on some websites or on eBay condoms sold in bulk: on the one hand it is formally forbidden by the French law, on the other hand it is dangerous because you have no insurance on the origin of the condom , neither his lot number, nor even the standard he respects. All of these are indicated on the box (or pouch) that contains the condoms. This information is fundamental to ensure the reliability of condoms.

It is also valid for condoms that are distributed in bars, in the street or at parties: even condoms distributed to the unit must be in a small cardboard case on which are indicated all the legal information: standard, expiry date, manufacturer and factory, batch number. You should never accept a sample of a condom that is not put in a cardboard case or given with an explanatory note containing all the legal information.

2. Use an expired condom

As we already said in the What to do with an expired condom? to use a condom whose expiry date is exceeded is a very bad idea: the latex becomes porous over time, and therefore much more fragile. An expired condom increases the risk of seeing it crack during the act. And you really do not want it!

So the old condom box goes straight to the trash. And for your next sessions, think about buying a new box, on Condomz or elsewhere.

3. Choose a condom too small, or too big

Ok, latex is a stretchy and stretch-resistant material, but that’s no reason not to use a good-sized condom: your penis will thank you for that kind attention. And you will limit the risk of breakage or slipping.

A condom too small, and it is discomfort during the report: you feel too tight, it hurts, and in addition the condom is stretched and therefore more fragile. A condom too big, and on the contrary, you feel it float, and it may slide along your penis, very dangerous because you will not be fully protected.

Brands now offer all sizes of condoms, for all sizes of penis: try, find the one that suits you best, and adopt it!

4. Open the foil with teeth or scissors

It is true that in the heat of the action, we do not really spend more than 10 seconds to open this recalcitrant packaging. But now, in a hurry, trying to open it with your teeth, or even worse with a pair of scissors, is a very bad idea: it’s the best way to create a break that you will not even see when set up. The condom is very tight in its packaging, using the teeth you will pinch it, using scissors you risk cutting it. If you are in darkness or darkness, you have a 50% chance of cutting it opening its foil.

The best is to practice opening your favorite condoms before having to do it live. Find a brand of condoms that opens easily, always open the foil on the side where there are serrations, this is where it is easiest to open.

5. Unroll the condom with broken nails, teeth, ...

That’s it, you managed to open the packaging without damage, the cap is placed on the glans in the right direction, it remains only to unwind the condom, and there: attention, do not spoil while unfolding badly! Broken nails may cut the latex. Ditto if your partner has the good idea to try to unwind the condom with the mouth: formal prohibition to help with the teeth, it is the best way to tear it without noticing it. The variant with nail models french manicure is to proscribe too.

The ideal not to spoil the condom, is to unwind gently, without crease, with nails well cut, using the taking between thumb and forefinger.

6. Use a fat to lubricate the condom

It can not be repeated enough, but the petrolatum or butter do not mix well with latex condoms: the fatty substances make the latex porous. It does not show when you put it on, but after a few minutes the condom is already weakened and no longer protects you, after a little more time it is so fragile that it can crack at any moment!

For those who love new experiences, it is necessary to remain classic to lubricate: no petrolatum, no butter, no sunscreen, no olive oil, only an intimate lubricant gel based on water or silicone base. And if you do not have one at hand, use your saliva: it is proven that it is the fluid that is closest to vaginal secretions.

7. Reuse a condom

It may seem odd to repeat this command once again, but there are still people who think that you can wash the condom and reuse it to save money: the answer is NO! Latex is a fragile material that does not wash: soaps or detergents destroy the latex, and you will end up with a porous condom, weakened. It must be discarded after each use.

Even if you have not ejaculated in the condom, once you have removed it, you must throw it in the trash: we do not reuse a condom that has been worn even less than 15min after: during the report and before the ejaculation, the man generates secretions which are thus found in the condom. These secretions contain small amounts of spermatozoa and can spread STIs and HIV. By removing the condom, these secretions can come out and go on the surface of the condom. By wearing this condom again, these secretions will contaminate your partner.

So the lesson to remember is "Condom worn and removed = In the trash".

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