Mysize Kit Test XL

"3 sizes to find the one that suits you perfectly: 57, 60, 64"

Mysize Kit Test XL
Mysize Kit Test XL - 9 condoms


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The Mysize test kit to find your exact size among the big sizes: 57mm, 60mm, 64mm.
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Presentation of Mysize Kit Test XL

Mysize is a revolution: for the first time, you can find the condom to your size! This kit allows you to test 3 sizes to find your exact size.

This kit contains 9 condoms, in 3 sizes:

Penis circumference (cm) 11.5 to 12 12 to 13 13 to 14
Size to order 57mm 60mm 64mm

  • 57: 178mm
  • 60: 193mm
  • 64: 223mm
For maximum security, like all condoms sold on Condomz, Mysize complies with the CE standard.

Before use, carefully read the printed instructions inside the box. And consult our guide to know how to put a condom .
Check that the condom package (foil made of plastic or aluminum) is not opened or damaged, and check the expiry date.
Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
These condoms contain natural rubber latex that can cause allergic reactions, consult a doctor if in doubt (appearance of redness or itching).

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