Mysize Kit Test S

9 condoms

Mysize Kit Test S
Mysize Kit Test S - 9 condoms

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3 sizes to find the one that suits you perfectly: 47, 49, 53.
Already more than 500 Mysize Kit Test S sold on our site.

The Mysize test kit to find your exact size. 47mm, 49mm and 53mm.
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Presentation of Mysize Kit Test S

Mysize is a revolution: for the first time, you can find the condom to your size! This kit allows you to test 3 sizes to find your exact size.

This kit contains 9 condoms, in 3 sizes:

Penis circumference (cm) 9.5 to 10 10 to 11 11 to 11.5
Size to order 47mm 49mm 53mm

  • 47: 160mm
  • 49: 160mm
  • 53: 178mm
For maximum security, like all condoms sold on Condomz, Mysize complies with the CE standard.

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