Heating lubricants

Heating lubricants

Warm up your antics!

Inadequate vaginal lubrication, anal penetration, intimate gels are the partners of all situations. Based on water or silicone, odorless or scented, it was believed that everything had been invented in this area. Until the arrival of the heating lubricants ...

The gentle sensation of heat released during the application on the clitoris, in the vagina or anus allows to engage in multiple games before penetration, it is the ideal companion of very naughty preliminaries. Ideal for those whose use of conventional lubricant has become routine. But it is during the penetration that the heating effect spreads to both partners and intensifies the pleasure to the maximum: guaranteed strong sensations and shared pleasure. It should not hesitate to hand over during the game to prolong the effect.

How it works ?

All major brands of lubricants offer in their range an intimate heated gel or a condom covered with heated lube. Water-based, they contain natural components that have a heating effect on the mucous membranes and they are all 100% compatible with condoms and dermatologically tested.

Advantages disadvantages

Unlike some products used for their heating effect (menthol cream), intimate lubricants are dermatologically tested to minimize the risk of allergy and protect the mucous membranes. The effect of heat can be very pleasant, but it can also be poorly supported, especially by the person penetrιe. In this case, simply remove and clean the vagina or anus with water.

The opinion of our customers

Our customers have tried and they loved.

? Amaury, WET Warming : I love this Wet lubricant. It seems that the sensation varies from one person to another depending on its sensitivity, for me it is an ideal feeling of warmth, neither too strong nor too weak. And my girlfriend is also a fan! To try.

? Sιverine, DUREX Play Warming : As I have some lubrication problems, the gel is part of all our reports. And since I’m a regular at Durex, I tried Play Warming: well, I’m not disappointed. So when we want to change a little with my man, we take out the spray Play: we have fun like crazy during the preliminaries and after too!

Our selection of products


Lubrix Hot Gel

Lubrix Hot Gel

€ 8.55

€ 9.50


Wicked Jelle Heat

Wicked Jelle Heat

€ 11.92

€ 14.90

Hot Bio Warming

Hot Bio Warming

€ 14.95

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