Ceylor Blauband

"The classic Ceylor, cap."

Ceylor Blauband
Ceylor Blauband - 6 condoms

Ceylor Blauband


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  • A latex condom, packed in a resistant capsule
The classic Ceylor, Blauband is a well lubricated condom, protected by a solid plastic capsule and easy to open.
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Presentation of Ceylor Blauband

Saw the passion with this classic Ceylor for years for a love life full of emotions and offers additional security with this condom capsule which simplifies sex life. Each condom is well protected and located so as to be immediately unwound. The advantages: no tear or possible crushing, no complicated opening, no need to search the right way.

All Ceylor condoms are approved by the Swiss quality label "OK". With this label, Ceylor meets the most stringent requirements in the world in terms of quality and exceed legal standards.

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Capacity: 6pc
Prices incl. VAT / pc: € 1.15

EAN: 7614700028696

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