Adore Condoms Ribbed Pleasure

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Adore Condoms Ribbed Pleasure
Adore Condoms Ribbed Pleasure - 144 Box of Condoms

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  • Grooved condom
  • For even more thrills
  • Already more than 200 Adore Condoms Ribbed Pleasure sold on our site
Because we're always looking for more thrills, Adore Ribbed Pleasure is a textured condom with grooves lengthwise.
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Presentation of Adore Condoms Ribbed Pleasure

Adore Ribbed Pleasure condom is a natural rubber latex, lubricated with reservoir.
Her little more eye is grooved lengthwise for even more sensation during penetration.

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Capacity: 144pc
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EAN: 5060150684869

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Review automatically translated from: french Correct price for this product of good quality



Review added the 21-12-2014


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Review automatically translated from: french good value for money but a bit thick

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