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Durex Intense
Durex Intense - 16 condoms


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  • Grooved and beaded condoms
  • For more intense relationships
Durex Intense Condoms are designed to provide your partner with exceptional sensations.

Presentation of Durex Intense

Durex Intense Condoms are designed to provide your partner with exceptional sensations.
You will find grooves and beads on the condom, these are made to stimulate and excite your partner. Durex Intense Condoms allow you to ensure your safety, but also to offer you more intense sexual intercourse. If you are a thrill seeker, no need to look for noon to 2 p.m., the solution is right in front of you.

Sale of the Durex Intense beaded, ribbed or textured condom

Beaded, ribbed or grooved: the surface of the condom is not smooth and it gives a unique pleasure with the friction on the mucous membranes of the 2 partners. Testing them is surprising even if the sensations felt depend on the person and the partner. Of course these condoms are as strong as the others and comply with the CE standard. Those who have purchased Durex Intense appreciate the sensations it provides. Check out our customer reviews on Durex Intense and compare our prices for the Exciting Beaded and Grooved Condom.

Durex, the soft top leader on Earth

Created in 1929, Durex is the oldest condom brand: the brand name comes from a marketing concept that presents the three main qualities that a condom must have: DUrability (durability), REliability (reliability) and EXcellence (excellence). ). Leader of innovation, Durex invented the first scented condom (1995), the first latex-free condom (1997), the first beaded and ribbed condom (2001). Durex manufactures its condoms with high quality latex, they are electronically tested to ensure that no holes are present. Durex is more than 4 billion condoms sold each year, manufactured in one of the group',s 17 factories: you can trust them, they are the best. Also discover the high quality Play Durex lubricating gel , water-based, silicone-based or scented for all pleasures.

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Before use, carefully read the instructions printed inside the box. And check out our guide on how to put on a condom.
Check that the condom packaging (plastic or aluminum foil) is not opened or damaged, and check the expiry date. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
These condoms contain natural latex rubber which can cause allergic reactions, consult a doctor in case of doubt (appearance of redness or itching).

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