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Condoms premium Deluxe

Top notch condoms more expensive, thinner, stronger, more design, with little more to the establishment, is haute couture condom!

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Skyn Elite

Skyn condom Elite

20% thinner than the Skyn Original!

Box of 10/20/30/40 latex condoms premium

€ 10.90

Avail. : In stock

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Lelo HEX

Lelo Hex luxury condom

A revolutionary condom

3/6/12/36 condoms

€ 8.42 € 9.90

Avail. : In stock

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Durex Hidden Extra Lubricated

Invisible Extra Lubricated super fine Durex condom

The thinnest Durex condoms extra lubricated for comfort.

Box of 12/24 condoms

€ 16.99

Avail. : In stock

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Pasante Unique

Pasante Unique thinnest condom

The world's thinnest condom only 15 microns !!!

Box 3 condoms

€ 3.90

Avail. : In stock

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Skyn Unknown Pleasures

Skyn Unknown Pleasures Condom Assortment

a mix of SKYNฎ condoms

Box of 14/42 condoms

€ 8.99

Avail. : In stock

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Lelo HEX Respect XL

Lelo Hex luxury large condom

Same protection, same pleasure, bigger size

3/12/36 condoms

€ 7.92 € 9.90

Avail. : In stock

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Einhorn Big Tyrannosaurus-Sex

Einhorn Big Tyrannosaurus-Sex vegan condom

The bag of condoms like candy, large version!

7 condoms

€ 6.99

Avail. : In stock

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Wingman Condoms

Wingman Condoms

The first condom which takes place in one hand! Easier, and safer end.

Box of condoms 8/12

€ 10.97 € 12.90

Avail. : In stock

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Rfsu Beyond Thin

Ultra thin condom Rfsu

The ultra thin latex

Box of 8 condoms

€ 17.95

Avail. : In stock

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Ceylor Easy Glide

Ceylor Easy glide extra lubricated condom

The extra lubricated Ceylor.

6 condoms

€ 8.90

Avail. : In stock

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Pasante Glow

Phosphorescent Condom Pasante Glow

Dons a phosphorescent condom and play with your lightsaber!

Box of 12 condoms

€ 6.90

Avail. : Out of stock

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