Secret Play Relax & Confort

Box of 2/6 balls

Secret Play Relax & Confort
Secret Play Relax & Confort - Box of 2/6 balls

Secret Play Relax & Confort

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Brazilian lubricating balls relaxing effect!

Brazilian balls are made from coconut oil. The heat of the body melts the ball that releases its lubricating oil.
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Presentation of Secret Play Relax & Confort

Brazilian balls are made from coconut oil. They melt by releasing the lubricant and contain an anesthetic causing an unparalleled sensation of relaxation that you will not be able to resist.

Sale of Brazilian Balls Relax & Comfort lubricant

Oil-based or powder-coated, these lubricants are not compatible with the condoms (they make the latex porous) but they have a unique feel and exceptional lubricity and very very long life. For sodomy, fist and all practice extreme or intense intercourse, it is the lubricant gels connoisseurs. Those who bought Brazilian Balls Relax & Comfort appreciated its exceptional lubricity. Check our customer reviews on Brazilian Balls Relax & Comfort and compare our offers in Oil Based Lubricant (Vaseline).

Moisten your hands with water and hold the Brazilian ball. With heat and moisture the ball takes between 3 and 5 minutes to melt, releasing the lubricating liquid.

This lubricant is NOT COMPATIBLE WITH PRESERVATIVES. It may damage the latex.

helianthus annuus, seed oil, fragrance, mentha arvensis, leaf oil, eugenia caryophyllus, bht, vanilly butyl ether.

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