Playboy Gefülsecht

"The reliable companion for natural and intense sensations"

Playboy Gefülsecht
Playboy Gefülsecht - Box of 8/16 condoms

Playboy Gefülsecht


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  • An anatomical condom
  • For preserved sensations
Playboy Gefülsecht is an extremely delicate condom with an optimal fit and wicking lubrication.
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Presentation of Playboy Gefülsecht

Playboy Gefülsecht is an extremely delicate condom with an optimal fit and wicking lubrication.

For even more pleasure, 4 scoops of Playboy Premium lubricant are offered in each pack. The gel is suitable for vaginal, oral and anal sex. Playboy Premium lubricants can be used with all Playboy condoms. They are dermatologically tested, water soluble, do not leave stains and are easy to wash off.

Made of natural rubber, these condoms are made where the rubber is grown using German manufacturing systems and of course are dermatologically tested, 100% electronically checked and vegan.

Before use, carefully read the instructions printed inside the box. And check out our guide on how to put on a condom .
Check that the condom packaging (plastic or aluminum foil) is not open or damaged, and check the expiry date.
Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
These condoms contain natural rubber latex which can cause allergic reactions, consult a doctor in case of doubt (appearance of redness or itching).

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EAN Box:8 condoms: 4260064960559
EAN Box:16 condoms: 4260064960566

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