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Nuru Gel Magic authentic recipe

The authentic recipe of the famous Nuru massage gel. Specialist of body-body massage.

There are some basic rules if you want your massage experience nuru is sensual, erotic and enjoyable. Take a look below to make your massage nuru an incredible experience!

Prepare the playground

While you and your partner take a good hot bath together, or shower (take the opportunity to start playing together ...). Immerse the bottle massage nuru MagicGel ? Gel in the hot water, and leave for the duration of your bathroom.

On leaving the bath, pour some of the contents of the bottle massage nuru MagicGel ? Gel in your bamboo bowl. Add some warm water to get the temperature and the ideal consistency (do not add too much water, otherwise the gel will lose its slippery properties).

Some prefer a subdued atmosphere (candles ...), others will prefer a good brightness to enjoy every detail ...

The art of Nuru massage slippery and sensual

Now that everything is ready (this time in the bath put you in a good mood), it's time to move on to the fun part. Get out of the bath without drying, join the mattress and settle. The masseuse then starts playing with the Nuru Massage Gel ? MagicGel then to apportion generously over the entire body (the body becomes shiny and slippery), the other person will enjoy the view during this time . The sexy moment begins ...

The masseuse then distributes the Nuru Massage Gel ? MagicGel generously over the entire body of his partner and starts giving him a relaxing massage at first, then raise the temperature, using all parts of his body massage.

The Body-Body Massage extra slippery

Feel the hot gel that flows over your skin, feel the warmth of your partner, feel the slightest square centimeter of his hot skin slide over your entire body. You are there ...

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