Manix Tentations

Box 3 condoms

Manix Tentations
Manix Tentations - Box 3 condoms


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  • 3 different condoms
  • To vary the pleasures
  • For those who want to live each day differently
  • Already more than 400 Manix Tentations sold on our site
Manix Temptation is a box of 3 condoms for variety. From classic condom greedy condom Manix everything together here so the temptation is different every day.
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Presentation of Manix Tentations

Manix Temptation is a box of condoms 3:
  • 1 condom Manix Contact 003, the reference to the subtlety intact sensations
  • 1 condom Manix Xtra Pleasure® whose unique shape is flared stimulate 2 partners
  • 1 condom Manix Strawberry Gourmet flavored with strawberry feast for the senses

100% electronically tested, condoms display the highest standards for your serenity.

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Capacity: 3pc
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EAN: 3532281622109

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