Manix Gliss

3 x 100ml

Manix Gliss
Manix Gliss - 3 x 100ml


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  • Intimate lubricants
  • For comfort during sex
  • For all those who want a greater lubrication
The three Manix lubricant in the same pack to triple your pleasure and discover the range. Manix Natural : a water-based lubricant enriched with aloe vera, Manix Effect, a heating Infiniti Manix lubricant, a silicone based lubricant for reports that last MUCH longer!
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Presentation of Manix Gliss

Manix Natural

Offer a veil of softness to your antics for maximum pleasure to two. The gel Manix high lubricity Classic is enriched with aloe vera and vitamin E to soften the skin. Very convenient, its pump bottle can manage the distribution of the gel to the right dose.

Manix Effect

Manix Effect is a water-based lubricant heating. Its effect "hot", which is activated by friction or breath "will allow you to feel more sensation. Kind to the skin's Ph is great and respects the sensitive mucous membranes.
Compatible with the use of condoms, Manix Effect is colorless, odorless and non-staining. Its pump bottle is economical and allows to easily use desired amount.
Treat yourself to this irresistible experience!

Infiniti Manix

Discover the silicone gel very high lubricity Infiniti Manix: the lubricity of silicone is 5 times higher than water-based lubricants. Ultra comfortable, it does not stick and does not dry. Compatible with condoms, it is ideal for vaginal and anal sex.

Its velvety texture makes it very easy to use. Very convenient, its pump bottle can manage the distribution of the gel to the right dose.

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