Manix Endurance Maxi Pack

"With a nut benzocaine and slightly tightens under the glans to prolong the pleasure."

Manix Endurance Maxi Pack
Manix Endurance Maxi Pack - Pack of 56 condoms


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Pack of 56 condoms

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  • Containing a condom walnut benzocaine (local anesthetic) inside
  • Benzocaine anesthetic slightly to allow the glans to control the pleasure
  • For those who want to prolong sexual intercourse and better control the rise of pleasure
Manix Endurance new generation offers the best to delay ejaculation associated with both technologies in the same condom for an even delaying effect: a local anesthetic and a unique form resserée under the glans.
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Presentation of Manix Endurance Maxi Pack

Manix Endurance contains a small amount of gel Benzocaine (local anesthetic) in the tank bottom under the effect of body heat of the glans and penetrates the erogenous zone to delay ejaculation. And its unique technology lies in its specific form, tightened under the glans, which exerts gentle pressure on the erector nerve while to slow the blood flow and to naturally prolong the sexual act and therefore pleasure.

The comfort Manix Endurance course remains optimal because its width is 60mm at the glans, thus offering the man a greater freedom of movement.

Like all Manix condoms, Endurance is tested 100% electronically.

> Sun: 185x53mm
> End (70 to 75 microns)
> Smooth surface
> Lubricated with reservoir
> Natural latex color
> Standard CE

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