Lubrix Lubrifist x2


Lubrix Lubrifist x2
Lubrix Lubrifist x2 - 2 jars of 200ml


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2 jars of 200ml

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Presentation of Lubrix Lubrifist x2

Lubrifist is a lubricating gel recommended to facilitate very strong penetrations, its exceptional lubricating power also gives it a long-lasting effect, no need to add more during intercourse.

Lubrifist is non-greasy, odorless, colorless and does not stain. Its gel texture is very pleasant and practical because it does not run.

Buy Lubrix Lubrifist anal gel x2

Designed specifically for anal penetration, anal lubricants have exceptional lubricating power and long-lasting hold. Their ingredients are chosen to respect the intimate anal mucosa. Those who have purchased Lubrix Lubrifist x2 appreciate its lubricating power. Read our customers' reviews of Lubrix Lubrifist x2 and compare our offers in Special sodomy anal lubricant.

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