Love Match Aqua

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Love Match Aqua
Love Match Aqua - 1 pod of 3ml



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1 pod of 3ml

  • A pod of lubricant
  • To dose well
  • For those who are frugal
Love Match Aqua lubricant is water-based, for more natural sensations.

Presentation of Love Match Aqua

Ideal for those who like to use just enough, the pods allow you to put the perfect amount.
Its formula is water-based for maximum comfort and softness.
Its long-lasting power will prolong your moments of pleasure.
The pods contain 3 ml

Buy Love Match Aqua water-based intimate lubricant gel

Adapted to condoms, intimate water-based gels bring comfort to vaginal or anal intercourse. They do not get dirty and wash with a little soapy water. All the lubricating gels sold on Condomz have been tested under dermatological control. Those who bought Love Match Aqua like its price. Follow our user reviews on Love Match Aqua and compare our offers in Water-based intimate lubricant.

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Before use, carefully read the instructions supplied with the product. And consult our guide to learn how to use a lubricating gel .
Check that the lubricant tube or bottle is not punctured or damaged, and check the expiry date.
Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
In case of appearance of redness or itching, stop sexual intercourse and clean the skin well with water, consult a doctor in case of doubt

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Love Match Aqua

Love Match Aqua

  • A pod of lubricant
  • To dose well
  • For those who are frugal


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