Soin Intime Lavant Ultra Doux

Bottle 200ml

Soin Intime Lavant Ultra Doux
Soin Intime Lavant Ultra Doux - Bottle 200ml

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Ultra-mild care at physiological pH without endocrine disruptor.

The use of an intimate washing care is recommended to maintain the natural balance of the woman's intimate flora. Intimate care at the physiological pH L-Pleasure-Feminine ultra soft is used daily to prevent irritation, drought or infections.
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Presentation of Soin Intime Lavant Ultra Doux

The Ultra-Gentle skincare has been specially designed to provide you with pleasure and care in complete safety. Its lotion has been developed from a plant-based washing base with a physiological pH in order to maintain the natural balance of the intimate flora. It brings comfort and freshness and is very easy to apply.

Ultra-mild cleansing care contains no undesirable substances such as: sulfates, SLS / SLES, paraben, soap, MIT / MCIT, TRICLOSAN or phenoxyethanol.


BioEcolia®, a patented prebiotic that increases the natural saprophytic ecoflora by 53%, considered as the body's first defense barrier against bacterial and mycelial external aggressions.

Fucocert®, a highly hydrating polysaccharide with a filmogenic property. It creates a sticky biofilm that protects from dehydration by retaining the body's natural water, giving the skin an incomparable silky feel. Its moisturizing action 2-in-1 allows a soothing effect 5 minutes after application and prolongs its effect in the short and medium term (3h-6h-8h).

Sodium lactate, constituent ingredient of the NMF, a natural moisturizing factor that has exceptional hygroscopic properties for long-term hydration and excellent cutaneous and vaginal tolerance.

Organic Burdock, a plant known for its soothing, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. Organic burdock has a positive effect on itching and inflammation and helps regulate sebum secretion.

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Capacity: 200ml
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