Soin Intime Lavant Spécial Sécheresse

Bottle 200ml

Soin Intime Lavant Spécial Sécheresse
Soin Intime Lavant Spécial Sécheresse - Bottle 200ml

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"Special Drought" treatment with acidic pH - without endocrine disruptor.

Vaginal dryness is much more common than is said, since it affects 25% of women before menopause and 30% to 55% after, or even 40% of those taking hormone replacement therapy, HRT. That's why the L-Plaisir-Feminine Special Intimate Care has been created specifically for one-off or daily use.
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Presentation of Soin Intime Lavant Spécial Sécheresse

The Intimate L-Plaisir-Feminine Special Care Wash benefits from the same lotion as the Ultra-Gentle Care, developed from a "washing base" of plant origin and contains no unwanted substances such as: sulfates, SLS / SLES, paraben, soap, MIT / MCIT, TRICLOSAN or phenoxyethanol.


BioEcolia®, a patented prebiotic that increases the natural saprophytic ecoflora by + 53%, considered to be the body's first defense barrier against bacterial and mycelial external aggressions.

Fucocert®, a highly hydrating polysaccharide with a filmogenic property. It creates a sticky biofilm that protects from dehydration by retaining the body's natural water, giving the skin an incomparably silky feel. Its moisturizing action 2-in-1 allows a soothing effect 5 minutes after application, and prolongs its effect in the short and medium term (3h-6h-8h)

Sodium lactate, constituent ingredient of the NMF, a natural moisturizing factor, which has exceptional hygroscopic properties for long-term hydration, excellent skin and vaginal tolerance

Organic Burdock, a plant known for its soothing, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. Organic burdock has a positive effect on itching and inflammation and helps regulate sebum secretion.

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Capacity: 200ml
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