Soin Intime Lavant Spécial Irritations

"Intimate care washing special irritations pH alkaline - Without endocrine disruptor." 3.0/5 1 reviews

Soin Intime Lavant Spécial Irritations
Soin Intime Lavant Spécial Irritations - 200ml

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Many factors in daily life can lead to an imbalance of the intimate flora, causing irritation or infection. In this case, we advise you to use our Intimate Care Wash Special Irritations, specifically created to restore balance.

Presentation of Soin Intime Lavant Spécial Irritations

The Special Irritations treatment has been specifically designed for safe and everyday use. Its lotion has been developed from a "washing base" of vegetable origin very easy to apply and which brings comfort and freshness.

Our Special Irritations treatment contains no unwanted substances such as: sulfates, SLS / SLES, paraben, soap, MIT / MCIT, TRICLOSAN or phenoxyethanol.


BioEcolia®, a patented prebiotic that increases the natural saprophytic ecoflora by + 53%, considered to be the body's first defense barrier against bacterial and mycelial external aggressions.

Fucocert®, a highly hydrating polysaccharide with a filmogenic property. It creates a sticky biofilm that protects from dehydration by retaining the body's natural water, giving the skin an incomparably silky feel. Its moisturizing action 2-in-1 allows a soothing effect 5 minutes after application, and prolongs its effect in the short and medium term (3h-6h-8h)

Sodium lactate, constituent ingredient of the NMF, a natural moisturizing factor, which has exceptional hygroscopic properties for long-term hydration, excellent skin and vaginal tolerance

Organic Burdock, a plant known for its soothing, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. Organic burdock has a positive effect on itching and inflammation and helps regulate sebum secretion.

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Intimate care washing special irritations pH alkaline - Without endocrine disruptor.


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Bronze Tester

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Automatically translated from: french The smell of this product is pleasant. I only use it for 3 days. So far, it seems to be effective.


  • It leaves a pleasant smell on the intimate area

Weak points

  • After opening, this gel keeps for 6 mo
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