ESP O Dams Mix

"Protect your oral sex"

ESP O Dams Mix
ESP O Dams Mix - Box of 4 pieces

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€ 8.49

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Box of 4 pieces

  • A rectangle of latex
  • To protect yourself during oral sex
  • Already more than 100 ESP O Dams Mix sold on our site
O Dams protections are latex sheets specially designed for oral sex.

Presentation of ESP O Dams Mix

Most men and women are not yet aware of the risks to which they are exposed when they practice unprotected oral sex.
If there are no barriers, there can be many infectious agents that can be transmitted, including for example genital herpes, chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea and AIDS.
These dental dams are ideal for minimizing the risk of sexually transmitted infection.

Mix of 4 flavors:
  • Strawberry
  • Vanilla
  • Mint
  • Grapes

Condom sale for cunnilungus ESP O Dams Mix

The dental dam is a square of thin or flexible, fully waterproof latex or polyurethane that is used as a condom to protect against sexually transmitted infections during sexual contact between the mouth and vagina or anus. Those who bought ESP O Dams appreciated its flexibility. Check our customer reviews on ESP O Dams and compare our offers in Dental Dam - Oral Protection.

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Capacity: 4pc
Prices incl. VAT / pc: € 2.12

EAN: 9555451806059

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ESP O Dams Mix

ESP O Dams Mix

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  • To protect yourself during oral sex

Box of 4 pieces

€ 8.49

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