Durex Pleasure Me

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Durex Pleasure Me
Durex Pleasure Me - Box 3 condoms

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  • Beads and grooves
  • For even more thrills
  • For all those who always want more
  • Already more than 1100 Durex Pleasure Me sold on our site
Because we always want more thrills, Durex Pleasure Me is a condom textured to stimulate maximum erogenous zones of both partners.
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Presentation of Durex Pleasure Me

Durex Pleasure Me is a textured condom microbeads and ribs covers it up and down to provide more sensations during penetration.
Natural rubber latex, it is transparent and lubricated and contoured shape for easy peeling and implementation. Condoms Durex Pleasure Me are specially designed to provide maximum pleasure for both partners. Indeed, Durex Pleasure Condoms Me are both micro-beaded and ribbed.

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Capacity: 3pc
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