Durex Performance Booster

Box of 2 condoms

Durex Performance Booster
Durex Performance Booster - Box of 2 condoms


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  • Condom with a benzocaine nut
  • Benzocaine lightly anesthetizes the glans to control the pleasure
  • For those who want to extend the sexual act and better control the rise of pleasure
  • Already more than 100 Durex Performance Booster sold on our site
Durex Performance Booster is a condom designed to prolong the excitement and delay ejaculation through the action of a local anesthetic that desensitizes the glans and allows you to maintain control throughout sexual intercourse.
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Presentation of Durex Performance Booster

Durex Performance Booster contains a Performa ? gel gel made from benzocaine (5% local anesthetic) in the reservoir, which melts under the effect of the body heat of the glans and penetrates the erogenous zone to delay ejaculation and thus prolong the pleasure.

Thanks to Durex Performance Booster, men can regain control over their pleasure and prolong the pleasure of their partners.

For your comfort, Durex Performance Booster has a streamlined shape for easy placement, and a lightweight lubricant that masks the smell of latex.

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Capacity: 2pc
Prices incl. VAT / pc: € 1.00

EAN: 3059948001980

  • Why choose a delay condom?

    The delaying condoms

    No more problems with premature ejaculation: there are solutions. With delaying condoms, increase your performance and prolong the pleasure of your partner and yours. Containing benzocaine or menthol, they make the penis numb


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