Durex Nude

"Skin to skin sensation"

Durex Nude
Durex Nude - Box of 8/16/24/32 condoms

Durex Nude


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  • Latex-free condoms
  • For a skin-to-skin sensation
  • For latex allergy sufferers
  • Already more than 400 Durex Nude sold on our site
Discover the new Durex Nude range, skin-to-skin sensations, which, thanks to its ultra-thinness, allows you to feel maximum sensations in complete safety.
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Presentation of Durex Nude

Discover the new Durex Nude range, skin-to-skin sensations, which, thanks to its ultra-thinness, allows you to feel maximum sensations in complete safety.

Durex Nude condoms are designed to maximize sensations, while providing a high level of safety and protection. Durex Quality: 100% electronically tested, five quality tests are performed on each batch.

Before use, carefully read the instructions printed inside the box. And consult our guide for how to put on a condom .
Check that the condom packaging (plastic or aluminum foil) is not open or damaged, and check the expiry date.
Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.
These condoms contain natural latex rubber which can cause allergic reactions, consult a doctor in case of doubt (appearance of redness or itching).

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EAN Box:8 condoms: 3059948002901
EAN Box:16 condoms: 3059948002949
EAN Box:24 condoms: 3700655300766
EAN Box:32 condoms: 3700655300063

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Durex Nude

Durex Nude

€ 7.99


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