Durex Caliente

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Durex Caliente
Durex Caliente - Pack lubricants


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  • A pack of three tops Durex
  • For caliente nights
  • For those who want to test the Durex tops
  • Already more than 400 Durex Caliente sold on our site
Find the 3 tops Durex cheap to spend winter evenings under the duvet. Durex Play Massage for hot massage, Durex Gel Orgasm'intense to intensify the feelings of Mrs.Durex Eternal to cuddle to the end of the night.
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Presentation of Durex Caliente

Play Sensual Massage

Sensual Massage Durex Play ? is enriched with extracts of Ylang Ylang, known for its relaxing and aphrodisiac. Its delicate fragrance will awaken the senses of both partners ...

You can apply this gel to all parts of your body, it will leave your skin silky smooth. Not fat it does not stain for massages always successful.

Durex this gel can be used as a lubricant. Water based, it is compatible with all condoms and edible!

Play O

Durex Play O is the result of years of development and testing to successfully combine unique ingredients that stimulate and intensify the pleasure of women. This revolutionary formulation allows to reach orgasm more consistently and intensely ...

You can not do without it ... use the solo or with your partner to live your sexuality ever more intensely. This exciting gel is applied directly to the clitoris before the act.

72% of women had an orgasm with Play O did not report when they reach regularly. (Study Feedback Consumer Research & Product Concept Evaluation Durex 2007).

You can use Play O with all Durex condoms. This gel is not a contraceptive or a lubricant, and does not contain spermicide. However, you can use it with a lubricant Durex Play range.


The new Durex lubricant, Eternal, is a silicone based lubricant for 3 times the fun. Durex Eternal lubricates 3 times higher than a standard lubricant and silicone based formulation allows it not to be not absorbed in the skin unlike the water-based lubricants.

Compatible with condoms, Durex Eternal is paraben and soft.
From a neutral Ph he will take care of your body and can be used in the case of drought intimate.

Do not use Durex Play O if you are pregnant, think you might be or breastfeeding.

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Review added the 08-04-2015


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Review automatically translated from: french A super pack. The two partners will meet there with the play o for Madame (the best!) And along to Mr. Lovely. Best of the massage gel for the couple.

  • Le play o
  • Pour monsieur ET pour madame

  • gel de massage un peu collant


Review added the 14-10-2014


Review automatically translated from: french Durex Love Sex :) I have not decided which I liked!

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