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Why are most condom factories in Asia?

Latex is a natural product from a tree called "Hévéa". Different from the sap, it plays a role of natural defense and is harvested by "bleeding", a slight notch on the ecrosis of the tree.

The Hévéas are mainly cultivated in Southeast Asia. The first producer of this tree is Thailand. That’s why condom factories are mostly in Asia.

The characteristics of latex in the raw state are numerous: it is sticky, rebounding, stretches almost at will, is flexible and very resistant, this is why it is used in the manufacture of condoms.

What is the NF standard?

"The NF standard is a collective certification standard. It guarantees the quality and safety of certified products and services. The NF standard not only guarantees compliance with the standards in force, but also with additional quality criteria corresponding to the needs of consumers. "

Regarding condoms, it is a guarantee of solidity and conformity (hole detection test, burst strength, dimensions, packaging, packaging integrity ... )

In what year was the condom invented?

The trace of the first condoms dates back to the Egyptians, 3000 BC. They would have used sheep casings to protect themselves from venereal diseases.

In the 10th century, the Chinese used oiled tissue paper. As for Louis XIV, he wore a velvet sheath decorated with a colored ribbon to avoid illegitimate children.

How many condoms are made in the world?

About 333 condoms are produced worldwide every second.

What effect does the oil have on latex?

The oil makes the latex porous and therefore less permeable, this is why we will never use fatty substances (oil, petroleum jelly, butter ...) with a latex condom but always a water-based lubricant.

Can a condom be kept during a single intercourse if it is changed several times?

A condom is of course for single use and cannot be reused several times in succession but can be kept throughout the same intercourse whether or not you change position ten times . However, if the position is changed often, it will be necessary to put some water-based lubricant or silicone (oil-based lubricants destroy the impermeability of the condom) on the condom both to more comfort and to reduce the risk of breakage.

Which country is the biggest consumer of condoms in the world?

The world’s largest consumer of condoms is reportedly in Japan, according to the weekly "Le Point".

These figures, which date back to the year 2000, should not have changed because Japan also remains one of the leading exporters of condoms.

Can you get AIDS with a condom?

The condom was designed as a 99% reliable method of contraception and protection against STIs.

AIDS is transmitted only by blood, semen, vaginal secretions, seminal discharge and breast milk, unless rupture, it is not possible to get AIDS by putting a condom .

Why should you wait a while before using a condom?

At the end of its manufacture, when the condom is already rolled, a drop of lubricant is placed on it.

This drop of lubricant will take several months to be incorporated into the latex (time for condoms to reach their place of sale).

However, without waiting until the day before the expiry date, it can be quite a while to wait a bit before using recently purchased condoms so that they are even more comfortable to wear.

How many condoms are sold per year in France?

In 2010, 93 million condoms were sold in France. These figures include all the points of sale: pharmacies, supermarkets, supermarkets, Internet ...

What happens when you use an expired condom?

If the condoms have an expiration date, it is for good reason, the latex becomes less impermeable and is more likely to crack after the expiration date has passed.

Which condom to choose for the first time?

There is no special condom for the first time and the best is to train a little before the big day, however the Durex Feeling or the Manix Infini are fairly lubricated, run easily and have easy set up. You just have to test both to find out which one you prefer.

Does the size of condoms depend on the country you are in?

Unfortunately yes. Condoms sold in Asia are, for example, smaller than French condoms and French condoms smaller than African condoms.

It is therefore all the more important to go out covered wherever you go!

Can we still find gut condoms?

Yes, it is still possible to find gut condoms on some websites, but beware these condoms - more expensive than latex or polyurethane condoms - do not protect against Sexually Transmitted Infections, they only serve as contraception against pregnancy. Their more porous material lets through the seminal fluid which can cause STIs.

What is the expiration date of a condom when it leaves the factory?

A condom lasts 4 to 5 years after leaving the factory, the expiry date must be written on the box but also on the foil. If the date is deleted, don’t use this one and take another one.

How many condoms are sold per year on the Internet?

About 1,800,000 condoms are sold per year on the Internet.

What is the nominal width?

The nominal width is the width in mm of a condom when you press on the base until you tighten the edges.

Is there an ideal condom for fellatio?

The scented condoms have been designed for oral intercourse (blowjobs). Their fruity taste and exotic smell will be much more pleasant for your partner than a standard condom.

Is the condom authorized everywhere in the world?

No political regime prohibits condoms and for good reason: no country would like to put its inhabitants in danger in the face of certain sexually transmitted diseases.

What is the CE standard?

The CE standard is a European standard issued by a notified body which indicates compliance with essential safety elements as well as a minimum level of quality.

When was the female condom invented?

The first female condom was marketed in France in 1998. The second generation arrived in 2006.

How many people are allergic to latex?

No specific data was provided, however the figures put forward are in the range of 5 to 10% allergic to latex in France. These figures also take into account the medical profession as well as certain other trades which frequently use latex protections (gloves ...).

How do you measure the reliability of a condom?

Several tests make it possible to measure the resistance of a condom: the air resistance test checks the tensile force of the condoms by inflating them up to 1 meter in height and 35 cm in width . Next comes the waterproofing test, which consists of filling condoms with 300ml of water ...

How does a delaying condom work?

Delaying condoms are condoms in which a nut of benzocaine, an anesthetic gel at 5%, which allows you to keep control of your ejaculation longer. The only downside is that benzocaine found in delaying condoms slightly reduces men’s feelings.

Where can you buy condoms?

Nowadays condoms are everywhere: you can buy them in supermarkets, in pharmacies, in supermarkets, ATMs and of course, on the Internet.

Where should you keep a condom?

As its instructions indicate, a condom must be kept away from heat, in a dry place. Caution: in the event of bad conservation a condom has more risks of ruptures. If the condom seems dry or different from usual, do not use it, take another one.

Who nicknamed the condom "English frock coat"?

This nickname was given by Giacomo Casanova adventurer and great seducer of the 18th century, he made his name the symbol of seduction. In "The Story of My Life" G. Casanova says he had sex with 122 women, some of whom were just pubescent, and his own daughter.

What is the average size of a condom?

Standard condoms are around 180mm long and 52mm wide. This size is suitable for most men even those whose size is less than 180mm, because it is enough to unroll the condom to the right length.

How do you know if you are allergic to latex?

Like all allergies, latex allergy causes discomfort, sometimes itchy burns, it often does not go unnoticed. If in doubt, seek the advice of your treating physician and obtain latex-free condoms. These polyurethane condoms are available from all major brands.

Are there more comfortable condoms than others?

The so-called anatomical condoms have been designed to conform to the shape of the penis and therefore improve sensations. NB: there are nowadays different sizes of condoms, from XS to XL you will necessarily find yours.

Where is the condom museum?

The Condom Museum was opened in 2004 in Condom, in the Midi-Pyrénées region. This museum, which traces the history of the condom over the centuries, is open from mid-June to mid-September.

Can we put two condoms on top of each other?

It is completely unnecessary or even dangerous to put two condoms on top of each other, the friction latex against latex risks to deteriorate them and to make them crack both.

Who invented the first rubber condom?

The first rubber condom was invented in 1880 by the tire company Goodyear Tire & Rubber.

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