Billy Boy Hautnah Extra Feucht

8 condoms

Billy Boy Hautnah Extra Feucht
Billy Boy Hautnah Extra Feucht - 8 condoms


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  • Super lubricated polyisoprene condom, very soft latex-free material
  • Brings a more natural feel and is suitable for people allergic to latex
  • For those who like to forget that they wear a condom and people allergic to latex
Just as imperceptible, it is even more lubricated for those who like maximum comfort.
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Presentation of Billy Boy Hautnah Extra Feucht

The highest quality BILLY BOY combined with SKYNFEEL technology, this revolutionary condom made of polyisoprene, the almost imperceptible material.
The sensations are ultimate, due to its unique formulation, the condom Billy Boy Hautnah restores a "second skin" effect, it is more comfortable because it marries anatomy better ... The security is maximum, it equals the resistance of condoms in latex of standard thickness.

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Capacity: 8pc
Prices incl. VAT / pc: € 1.61

EAN: 4008600261018


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